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Morset Sound Development  
+47 73915000  
Bellvegen 59  
7580 Trondheim, Norway  

User Reviews

User Reviews WinMLS 2004
Read what our users say about WinMLS. Contact us if you need more references in the type of field you are working with.

  • WinMLS has been adopted as our main lab analyser for teaching use, in classes and for student projects;  additionally we are finding it increasingly useful in research and commercial consultancy.  As new users we're very satisifed.
    Prof. Mark Avis, Acoustics Group, University of Salford, UK

  • Since upgrading from WinMLS2000 to 2004 all my other measurement software has become redundant. WinMLS2004 is the most complete, intuitive and user-friendly measurement software available.
    Scott Willsallen, Auditoria Pty Ltd, Australia

  • I have been comparing the package with other available soundcard based measurement systems and with our current hardware based system, the results are very good (impressed by the speed and simplicity offered by the measurement wizards).
    Loudspeaker Design Engineer Philip Budd, UK

User Reviews WinMLS 2000
Read what our users say about WinMLS. Contact us if you need more references in the type of field you are working with.

  • You will be pleased to know that I used WinMLS2000 for all of the time alignment and component measurements for the 2004 Athens Olympic opening and closing ceremonies for which I was the audio designer/director
    Scott Willsallen, Auditoria Pty Ltd, Australia
  • WINMLS standard Pro has become my favorite tool to tune sound systems
    Vladimir COULIBRE, France
  • Thanks for a great software!
    Fredrik Gunnarson, Founder, CTO
  • WinMLS is of great value for my consultancy jobs
    Georges Reckinger, MediaConsult, Luxembourg
  • I now use WinMLS in place of my previous room acoustic measurement equipment (TEF-20 and Norsonic). It provides a very flexible, easy-to-use measurement package and a low price.
    Prof. and Consultant Niel Thompson Shade, USA
  • We are getting familiar with the software and are using it for jobs already.
    Consultant Thomas R Horrall, USA
  • Your software is great! I use the U2A from Egosys and it works perfect.
    Magnus Wahlberg, Denmark
  • I really enjoy to work with WinMLS for my violin experiments!
    Ion Paul Beldie, Germany
  • I am extremely impressed by the power of your software and some very clever implementations. The price for personal use is a real gift.
    Jean Claude Gaertner, France
  • We are successfully using your program. It is a nice piece of kit.
    Dr. Kirill V. Horoshenkov, England
  • The new software is cool to work with.
    Martina Soderlund, Sweden
  • I find, after using the software a while, that it works real well.
    Per K. Mobeck, Norway 
  • Let me congratulate you. WinMLS 2000 has a great amount of flexibility.
    Dr. Asbjørn Krokstad, Norway
  • Finally had a chance to study the program. It is very nicely laid out.
    Dr. Peter D'Antonio, USA
  • I am impressed with the new GUI and functionality.
    Mr Steven Liddle, England
  • You have done a jolly good job.
    Daniel Commins, consultant, France

Morset Sound Development

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