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Morset Sound Development  
+47 73915000  
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7580 Trondheim, Norway  

Satisfied users of WinMLS
Below you will find links to some satisfied users of WinMLS in different fields. You see that the applications you can use WinMLS for may vary a lot.

Genelec - sound system calibration
We are proud that the Finnish world leading active studio monitor company, Genelec Oy, and their worldwide distributors are using WinMLS for calibration measuring the frequency response when installing monitors in studios. Customer Support Engineer Andrew Goldberg has played a very important role in the development and testing of WinMLS.

Mobeck Audio - testing and production of loudspeakers.
PMV audio has been using WinMLS in two years for testing and production of their high-end loudspeakers.

Professor Peter Svensson - research & education
Professor Peter Svensson (e-mail) is using WinMLS for various acoustical measurements at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

Commins Acoustics Workshop - room acoustics consulting
Commins Acoustics Workshop has been using WinMLS for some years. The company does acoustics consulting of concert halls, opera houses and theatres. WinMLS is used for performing and analyzing their acoustical measurements.

Alloc - demonstrating their Silent System floor
Alloc is using the WinMLS software in trade shows to demonstrate the performance of their floors to customers. Technical Product Manager Tor Gunnar Bartnes has together with Byggforsk developed this system. In brief, a steel-ball is dropped on the floor and the sound is recorded with a microphone. WinMLS analyzes the signal and displays it in 1/3-octaves and dBA.

Master violin maker C. Skog - Violin acoustics
Christer Skog (e-mail) is a recognized master violin maker. He has been using WinMLS to improve his skills and understanding of the art of making violins.

Morset Sound Development

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