To find the unique serial number of the WinMLS 2004 software you have installed, run WinMLS 2004 and you will find the serial number (PC-dependent). For a more detailed explanation see below. 

If you are installing WinMLS on Windows 7, 8 or Vista and cannot see the serial number, please try the following:
Run the installation as administrator (right-click on the installation file and select "Run as administrator").

After installing, find the WinMLS icon on the desktop, right-click and select "Properties" from the drop down menu.  Then make sure the check box "Run this program as an administrator" is selected.

If you do not find the WinMLS icon or the above does not work, go to where WinMLS is installed (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\WinMLS 2004) and right click on WinMLS.exe. Then select "Run as administrator" from the drop down menu. To ensure that WinMLS will run without any problems, right click on the WinMLS folder and click "Properties->Security", then give all permissions to the users.

But note that if you need to control the input and output levels from within WinMLS, you must run WinMLS under Windows XP, but you can do this virtually if you run Windows 7:

If you have not yet installed and run WinMLS, follow this procedure:

  1.  the full version (no limitations) of WinMLS for FREE (~20 MB). You can use it for 30 days after you have registered here.
  2. Install the software.
  3. Run the software (Click the Start button, go to Programs->WinMLS 2004->WinMLS 2004).
  4. Click the Try for FREE button.
  5. In the next screen you will find the 8 digit serial number (PC-dependent).