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New issues in latest release of WinMLS

This document covers new issues with the latest Release version ONLY (WinMLS_Release3Build010c.exe). These issues may only be valid for the 'WinMLS.exe' file is dated 04 June 02, please check if your executable has this date. If you are using the latest beta version these issues should be fixed.

Posted 12 Oct. 02 - Problems with reading setup file

It has been reported problems with reading setup files saved by the user. This should not be a problem with the earlier versions. If you have this problem, please do as described below.


In Measurement->Advanced Settings..., make sure the Measurement pre-D/A amplitude is set to an INTEGER number, e.g. instead of -24.94, set it to -25.


In Measurement->Sinusoid Settings..., make sure the Level [dB FS] is set to an INTEGER number, e.g. instead of  -20.23, set it to –20.


Save the setup and try to open it. If this does not work, please do the following.


Find the setup file you have saved. It is found in the ‘SetupsMeasurement’ subdirectory of the directory where WinMLS is installed, e.g. ‘C:\winmls2000\SetupsMeasurement’. The extension is .wms.

When you have found it, right-click on it and select Open With. Open it in a text editor, e.g. Notepad.


Search in the file (e.g. using Ctrl+F) for the word



This section may look like below:


[#_of_Boolean_controls]            1

[mixerWaveOut0]        2

[BoolControl_idc0]     1002

[BoolControl_value0]   0

[BoolControl_type0]            536936449

[BoolControl_lineid0]            4294901760

[BoolControl_namelen0]            13

[BoolControl_name0]   Enable S/PDIF

[WaveOutCaps_Pid]    100


Now you must change [#_of_Boolean_controls] from 1 to 0 and delete the 'BoolControl' values.

The section above should look like below when you are finished.


[#_of_Boolean_controls]            0

[WaveOutCaps_Pid]    100


Save the setup file and run the software. If it still does not work, please e-mail the file to us and we will help you.

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