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Morset Sound Development  
+47 73915000  
Bellvegen 59  
7580 Trondheim, Norway  

You can get WinMLS for free!
If you are happy with WinMLS, we would like you to tell other people about it. As a reward for helping selling the software, we will give you your license of the software for FREE (see terms and limitations below). Instead of spending big money on marketing using the traditional channels, we think it is better to have our satisfied users market WinMLS.
You can inform potential buyers in less than one minute e.g. by writing an e-mail to your friends, by posting a message on a newsgroup or by adding a WinMLS-link to a web page. (See below for an example). WinMLS is a great tool for many applications, it is still unknown to many markets and it is inexpensive, so it should not be difficult to generate sales.
When you have generated sales of 5 licenses, you will get your license for free. We will extend the evaluation period for you if needed, while waiting for the sales to take place.
Example of e-mail/link/newsgroup:
I have tested the software WinMLS. It works great for ... and I do recommend it. You can download the full version for 30 days of testing from The prices are very nice compared to the power of the software; the personal version is less than USD 100!

How do we know that you generated the sales?

In the purchase-process, the customer has to fill in from where he/she heard about WinMLS. We will use this information to see who generated the sales.

What if I already have bought WinMLS?
Then you get a free upgrade. Also, if you have already purchased a WinMLS Personal version you can get the WinMLS Professional verison if you generate a sale of 5 professional versions.
In order to extend your evaluation period for more than the 30 days, you need to write a few words about how you have done and intend to do (e.g. "I posted this message on the ... newsgroup" or "I talked to friends about the software"). Your evaluation period will not be extended for more than 30 days for free. If you sign up, you may ask for evaluation period extension several times, but the limit is 90 days.
Important: The license you will get for free must not be worth more than 1/5 of the sales you have generated. This means that if you have generated sales of 5 pro versions, you will get the pro version for free. If you have generated sales of 5 personal versions, you will get the personal version for free. This is a time-limited offer and may change without notice. But when you have signed up it will be valid at least 90 days.
Please fill out the Evaluation form or contact us to sign up.

Morset Sound Development

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