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WinMLS ver. 2 products - WinMLS ver. 2 Product Catalog

WinMLS version 2 retired December 2001

WinMLS version 2 is retired, but is still being used by professionals in audio and acoustics. It is well suited if you do not intend to use the new post-processing and measurement features of WinMLS 2000. WinMLS version 2 runs better on a slow PC. Because of the new features, the latest version (WinMLS 2000) needs more processor speed and memory. If you are planning to use a PC with processor Pentium 100 or less, you should consider this retired version. Please note that support will be limited since this is a retired version and the price is low.


With WinMLS ver 2 you can perform high quality, fast and inexpensive acoustical/vibrational measurements. It performs measurements using the powerful MLS (Maximum Length Sequence) measuring method. A PC and a standard full duplex sound card enable you to make high accuracy measurements of acoustical and vibrational systems.

Obtain more information and Download an Evaluation Version

The link above gives you the WinMLS ver. 2 product catalog. It will show the different versions available and give you prices. In addition to the general software, specialized versions are provided for room acousticians and violin makers. A wide range of sound cards support 2 channel simultaneous measurements. Systems for simultaneous multi-channel measurements are also available.

The other link above will send you to the download section of the retired versions of WinMLS, from where you can download more information and an evaluation version that you may use for 30 days.

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