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WinMLS 2000 Forum

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Subject WinMLS 2004 THD+N Plot

Date Sat Nov 13 2004 12:36
Author Roger Welch (

File: Unplottable THD Measurement.wmb

I am currently evaluating WinMLS 2004 for possible use in carrying out comparative measurements of a series of subwoofers. I am particularly interested in the ability to plot continuous THD graphs in parallel with Frequency Response versus SPL graphs as this will save me a lot of time in carrying out the tests. In trying to verify the THD figures shown to satisfy myself that I am measuring genuine figures, I have tried to use the setup file General - Harmonic Distortion (Sinusoid) and carried out measurements at nominated fixed frequencies and SPL for comparison. However, the problem I have is that WinMLS refuses to plot a THD+N figure for certain frequency settings. It plots the Power Spectrum, Normalised Time Data and ETF plots fine at these frequency settings but refuses to plot the corresponding THD+N figure. I attach an example measurement file that refuses to plot in this way. The frequency is set to 30.03Hz using the Sine generator. If I simply change the frequency to 24.90Hz it works fine. It also works fine at higher frequencies like 59.33Hz. Can you please advise if I am doing something wrong, as I really need this to work before I can consider purchase?

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