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Subject measuring time variant systems

Date Wed Jul 14 2004 12:03
Author Lars Morset (

|My real question would be if there is a clever way to measure |time variant systems using mls or log-swept sine methods? |PReferreably in such a way that time/frequency resolution can |be adjusted post measurement.

This is exactly what WinMLS will do. Follow the "The first measurement walk-through" sections in the help file which will explain how to do this.

|My application would be getting a (large) set of IRs from a |rotating speaker. One way would be disengaging the motors and |manually move the speaker at constant angular intervals |between each measurement. If, say, 256 measurements are |needed, this would require a lot of work as compared to |letting the motors run and then taking the weekend off :-)

|could winmls accept a synch input (say a short audio |burst/impulse at angle0) ?

You can use auto-saving features and the "automatic start of new measurement after previous measurement". You can also run a .exe-file after each measurement to control your turntable. See 'Measurement->Tasks...' in WinMLS.

|Or would this be better accomplished writing a matlab |application that generate a series of stepped |increasing-frequency sines and measure the amplitude and |phaseshift of each?

WinMLS will easily do this. You can also easily run WinMLS from Matlab if that is desired. On how to do this, search the help file with the search word "Matlab".

|I can see this also having some relevance to measuring |directivity of loudspeakers as well as some hrtf stuff?

Yes, personally I have used WinMLS for this purpose since 1998. Pat Brown, SynAudCon, is now working on a WinMLS-based a system for loudspeaker directivity measurements.

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