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Subject Walk-through in WinMLS

Date Wed Jul 14 2004 11:59
Author Jens Jųrgen Dammerud (

For a measurement walk-through; go to WinMLS Startup Help in the Help menu.
This should answer your questions. But answers to your questions is given below.

1) You can choose the setup called "Freq. and time response" under the General category. ('Setup->Load...')
2) When you have measured the sound card with loop-back; press Ctrl+Alt+C, control the name and press OK. In the measurement settings choose Generator as Reference and hook on Correct and choose your sound card from the list.
3) The file stored under 2) is stored for later use
4) If you know the sensitivity of your microphone for different frequencies, these can be entered to compensate. Search for "microphone compensation" in the help section f WinMLS 2004.
5) You can measure with sine sweep. Be aware of smoothing of the frequency response curve. To see the overall response, 1/3 octave smoothing may be used and also make things look better... Search for "smoothing" in the help section to learn more about this.

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