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Subject Need a short "dummie" walkthrough, pleas

Date Thu Jun 10 2004 19:08
Author joerg (

File: frequenzgangmagnepan.gif

just downloaded the evaluation version and got the code from you. What I need, is s really short "dummie"-walkthrough with the following steps, since the frequency response I just measured seems to suffer from the soundcards limitations as well. (Computer is a Samsung X10 Laptop, measuring microphone is the calibration mic of Denon's newest 3805 Receiver, which is supposed to be an Audiotechnica mic, as I heard)
So please guide me through this list, if possible.

1.) Opening the program - which setup to choose for measuring the frequency response of my loudspeaker?
2.) Calibrating the system: how can I "substract" the nonlinear frequency-response of my soundcard/lineout/mic-in from the measurement ( I have the strong feeling, that already the soundcard has a big rolloff in both bass and treble!!)
3.) How do I store the eventual "errorfile", so that with futere measurements, at least the bad frequency response of the soundcard is leveled out and does not enter in the measurement?
4.) Are there other "error-correction"-mechanisms, that could be applicable for my system (laptop, microphone)
5.) Which exact measurement method is the right one to get a normal frequency response diagram of my loudspeakers, as I am used from magazines? I did some tests, where the curve was about linear, with a slow increase towards the bass, and the another diagram, which looked much more like what I was expecting?
Thanks for helping out - I browsed through the helpfile, but I could not find the appropriate answers, yet.
Attached, there is one of the tests I did.....

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