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Subject Measuring without Loop-Back

Date Thu May 20 2004 16:35
Author Björn Schulz (

I am planning to do some acoustical measuring with WinMLS in a room. Therefore I have a Laptop and the external sound device "Creative Sound Blaster MP3+". This sound device offers chinch line-in and line-out as well es optical-in and optical-out. For the measuring I want to use the optical-in plug for the microphone and the optical-out plug for the loudspeaker. I want to use them instead of the analog chinch plugs because I want to avoid over-pitching and the optical plugs are digital. The optical-in is connected to an coax-opto-transducer and this cable goes directly into a cortex nc 10 sound-analyzer. The cortex is connected to the microphone. It´s only use is to let the signal of the microphone pass through to send it digitally to the coax-opto-transducer (and to the external sound-card).
The problem is now, that - with only one optical line-in and one optical line-out - there are no plugs left for the loop-back. That´s why I wanted to ask you if it is possible to do the loop-back another way or just to measure without loop-back. (I have not checked yet if it is possible to do the loop-back with the chinch-plugs but I think it is not possible).
Thank you.
B. Schulz

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