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Subject RT-measurements in classrooms

Date Mon Dec 8 2003 13:20
Author Lars Morset (

Dear Dominic,
the problem you are addressing is interesting. In Norway the RT must be measured in classrooms where one or more of the pupils have bad hearing. In fact, we have sold many few measurement packages for this purpose. They find WinMLS a lot faster and easier to use than their old and very expensive equipment.

Those that do these measurements have Excel spread sheets that convert the measured RT-values to absorption material needed.

To do the measurement you can use any loudspeaker. But you should measure in at least three positions and average the results. Our package currently consists of the Genelec 1029A active loudspeaker.


want to do some low accuracy Reverb Time measurements so that I can improve the acoustics in some very 'live' classrooms that my son uses. He has Sensory Integration Disorder and it seems that rooms where there is a long Reverb Time in the mid to high frequency ranges actually cause him some pain. I want to improve the acoustics at a minimum cost, hence the need to measure before and after adding acoustic tiles etc.
What kind of speaker / amplifier is necessary (minimum cost) for classroom sized rooms where low accuracy results are acceptable?
Also (a little off topic), does anyone have any tips for where to add the tiles for the most effect in this type of case. The rooms typically have bare-ish walls, flat painted ceiling and linoleum tiled floor. It isnt possible to put carpet in, otherwise this would be my first choice.

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