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WinMLS 2000 Forum

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Subject How to get MOTU828 working

Date Sun Feb 23 2003 23:09
Author Håvard Christensen (

I have several problems getting my MOTU828 working with WinMLS. The drivers seem to be correctly installed an the computer(laptop P4m 1800MHz) is obviously in contact with the unit.
-The loopback measurements look all wrong, and they change every time the program is terminated. Then one out of 30. times(or so) it just seems perfect, but if the program is terminated its all wrong again the next time. Actually a similar reading will be obtained with nothing connected to it.
-I have tried disabeling as many prosesses as possible on the computer, but this seems to have no effect on the readings.
-Another confusing problem is when choosing "measuring with loopback and endcheck". There is no right output on the device and it will always send on two channels simultanosly whatewer you do. If trying to connect the second channel as loopback-synch, an signal increase will appear on channel one even thoug its connected to channel two(whitch will show no signal at all.)

I hope this problem can be solved.

Håvard Christensen

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