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Subject Suggestions for tutorials

Date Wed Feb 5 2003 21:56
Author Jon Longtin (

Here is a list of some simple tutorial exercises that I have found useful, or thought would be useful, in learning WinMLS. I haven't written any of these up yet, but the list is a starting point. Please suggest additions and comments!

Suggested WinMLS Tutorials:

* - measure noise floor using a) tail of impulse response, and b) no excitation

* - measure response of an electronic equalizer (this example is nice because the room isn't involved, and the signals are clean and well defined)

* - measure room response, then play a constant sine wave at a specific frequency and repeat measurement to observe impact of sine wave on measurement.

* measure reflection of a pulse off a hard wall or floor (good for understanding basics of impulse responses).

* repeat above measurement, but place absorber on wall or floor and repeat measurement to assess reflection. Use 'compex divide' by reference spectrum to isolate contribuition from reflector

* - similar to above, measure impulse in a room, then place an absorber between speaker and mic to measure attenuation of absorber.

* - do a detailed calibration of the sound system using a simple sound meter (and possibly a voltmeter).

* - a simple example demonstrating the use and impact of pre-emphasis and de-emphasis

* - measuring loudspeaker reponse (use of windowing function).

* - correcting room response using measured loudspeaker response.

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