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WinMLS 2000 Forum

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Subject What is wrong with the Extigy?

Date Wed Nov 6 2002 17:24
Author Lars Morset (

File: ExtigyFs48000.wmb

Markus and Boris,
thanks for your contributions. I feel that there are some issues here that has to be discussed.

First of all, we recommend and sell the VXpocket for use with WinMLS, but the Extigy is better than most of what we have tested.

Did you check the WinMLS help file? Please do so. The results from the Extigy test are found there. Open the help file (select Help Topics... on the Help menu in WinMLS). Then click the Search tab. Type "Extigy" and click the List Topics button.

I have tested the Extigy a while ago and found it to be very good compared to the price.
We also have users that are using it and they seem to be satisfied.

I tested the USB Duo today and you can forget about that, it does not work with MLS. It seems to be just like the USB Pre that you can read about here:

I assume the link you refer to that says the frequency response for the Extigy is bad is
This curve must be completely wrong!!! It does not seem to be serious. I wish they could use WinMLS for such testing ;-)
Attached is a measurement I did of the card. The frequency response is as you would expect, namely flat!

I hope this helps,

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