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Subject Loopback error

Date Tue Sep 24 2002 08:22
Author Boris Balin (

Lars Morset] This makes things more clear. The error message was given because there WAS an error, as we could see from the measurement. The "Advanced loopback signal" should also give this message. But when you measure using "Advanced loopback signal", overload is not detected. I suspect that the signal was overloaded.
[Boris Balin] I doublechecked this - when I increase the level of the loopback signal the software detects the overload and display an error message.
I am quite sure that there was no overload.
The fact that the error appears every second measurement also points to a different cause.
Maybe some kind of buffer misalignment between software and audio card could lead to such a behaviour.

[Lars Morset] Does this mean that the maximum value is at the first sample (sample zero)? This will remove the pre-ringing that all sound cards has, and the result will be wrong (e.g. magnitude frequency response).
[Boris Balin] I see your point. As loopback measurements are not usable for me currently I will probably revert to the setting "Detect start" and adapt to the "wrong" distance values I am getting.

Many thanks for your help.

Best regards
Boris Balin

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