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Subject Measurement System Correction

Date Mon Sep 23 2002 19:29
Author Lars Morset (

[Boris Balin] I got an error message every second measurement. In order to avoid it I switched to "Advanced loopback signal". The error message disappeared but the results look like above.
[Lars Morset] This makes things more clear. The error message was given because there WAS an error, as we could see from the measurement. The "Advanced loopback signal" should also give this message. But when you measure using "Advanced loopback signal", overload is not detected. I suspect that the signal was overloaded.

[Boris Balin] I prefer to align to the delay of the soundcard (126 samples in my case) as close as possible in order to get precise distance values. Are there any pitfalls in this approach ?

[Lars Morset] Does this mean that the maximum value is at the first sample (sample zero)? This will remove the pre-ringing that all sound cards has, and the result will be wrong (e.g. magnitude frequency response). Instead you should use the "Measurement System Correction" feature which will give you the exact impulse response of the system you are measuring, including the time delay (if using this feature, a loop-back measurement of the sound card will give a one-sample long peak at sample zero and around -100 dB noise floor for the other samples, also called a Dirac function).

I hope this was of some help.


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