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Subject Further testing

Date Mon Sep 23 2002 08:20
Author Boris Balin (

>Mode "Loopback with/without endcheck" will give :
>a) 13 bit MLS : IR split (one half at 0 and at 8190 samples)
>b) 14 bit MLS : IR split (0 and 16382 samples) alternating
> with an IR at 14337 samples (changes every other measurement !)
>c) 15 bit MLS : IR split (0 and 32766 samples) alternating
> with an IR at 30721 samples (changes every other measurement !)

> WinMLS should give you an error message since there has
> been a gap in the measurement. But it will NOT detect the
> gap if it is exactly the same in record as in playback. Do
> you understand? Can this be the reason?
I got an error message every second measurement. In order to avoid it I switched to "Advanced loopback signal". The error message disappeared but the results look like above.

New remarks :
After power-on and launching of WinMLS the impulse response sometimes is shifted - after reinserting the PC Card things are o.k. again.
A stable setup is : Mode "Soundcard is synched", Delay :0...120 samples.
I prefer to align to the delay of the soundcard (126 samples in my case) as close as possible in order to get precise distance values. Are there any pitfalls in this approach ?

Many thanks for your help.

Best regards
Boris Balin

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