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Subject Some basic questions

Date Mon Jul 22 2002 14:44
Author Jon Longtin (

Ok, I'll bite.

I have the personal version of WinMLS, ver. 10b, and am using it to set up a small music practice room in my basement. I have a lot of questions, comments, and suggestions, but I'll start simple:

As an initial test, I would like to measure the distance between the microphone and loudspeaker. I noticed that the 'Levels' display has an option for 'Initial Time Delay'. My results, however, don't seem to agree. I have used both the 'synched' setting and the 'use loop back' during the measurements.

I have a SoundBlaster Live! card. The measured sample delay when connecting outputs to inputs is 18 samples (at 48000 kHz). The mic-speaker distance is about 0.5 m (20 inches), but I cannot seem to get a reasonable initial delay time (it should be about (0.5 m)/(344 m/s) = 1.45 ms). I am getting values of 0.23 ms. Also, if I change the sound card sample delay from 18 to, say, 40 or 60, the initial time delay increases accordingly, which is confusing, becuase I thought that the loop back and/or synched modes were able to compensate for the sound card delay,and hence shouldn't affect the measurement.

Any suggestions or thoughts?

Thanks folks. Looking forward to a lot of lively discussion here.

-Jon Longtin

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