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Morset Sound Development  
+47 73915000  
Bellvegen 59  
7580 Trondheim, Norway  

Morset Sound Development is located in Trondheim, Norway and has since 1996 been working with developing software for performing audio, acoustical and vibrational measurements. We cooperate closely with the Acoustics Group, Department of Telecommunications at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and with the Acoustics Group at SINTEF Telecom and Informatics. All together, the Trondheim group has about 40 persons working with research in audio, acoustics and vibrations.

The origin of Morset Sound Development is the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

We are offering user-friendly systems for reliable measurements. Our main product is the professional PC and sound card-based software WinMLS. We also deliver complete measurement system solutions and do consulting.

Our software WinMLS is currently being extended to handle more applications, and to ensure the quality, we prefer to do the development in collaboration with leading companies in their field. These demanding companies only accept high quality, which we deliver for the right price.
For example for sound system calibration, the Finnish company Genelec has played an important role in the development, and WinMLS is now used by Genelec and their distributors world-wide for this purpose.

Please contact us if you need references or have any questions.

Morset Sound Development

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