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PAPER at Solar Power International 2017, 10-13 September, Las Vegas
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PAPER at Solar Power International 2013, 21-24 October, Chicago
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Paper at the 2010 European Wind Energy Conference, 20-23 April, Warsaw Poland
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PRESENTATION at the EWEC 2009 Marseille, France 16 - 19 March 2009
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Paper at the 2009 Michigan Wind Conference 3-4 March 2009, Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI
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PRESENTATION at the 2008 Latin American Wind Energy Conference, November 5-7, Guadalajara, MX

PRESENTATION at WINDPOWER 2008, June 1-4, Houston, TX

PRESENTATION at the 2008 European Wind Energy Conference, 31 March-3 April, Brussels. Belgium
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PAPER, "The Economics of Storing Wind Electricity as Hydrogen" at WindPower 2007 June 3-6 Los Angeles, CA USA
Kellogg Graduate School of Management Class of 1969

QUOTED in the Northwestern Alumni Magazine, Winter, 2007
Storing Wind Electricity as Hydrogen

PAPER "The Technology of Storing Wind Electrcity as Hydrogen" at the European Wind Energy Conference, 7-10 May, 2007, Milan, Italy
Storing Wind Electricity as Hydrogen

PAPER at the POWER GEN Renewable Energy and Fuels Conference, March 6-8, 2007, Las Vegas, NV
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PRESENTATION "Reporting the Wind Story" At the Seminar "Reporting Energy Issues in the Midwest", Sponsored by the Foundation for American Communications, Urbana, IL September 14, 2006
Spark, November 2005

Letter to the Editor of SPARK, November, 2005
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"US Energy Sources and Uses" October 29, 2005 Interview on KYGT, Clear Creek County, CO Public Radio
Illinois’ Voluntary Renewable Portfolio Standard

MY 2005 COMMENTS to Illinois Commerce Commision Concerning lllinois' Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS)
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MY ANSWERS to Certain Questions Concerning Illinois' 2005 RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standard)
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My 4 October 2005 Speech to the Sierra Club, Chicago Group, North Shore Program
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PUBLISHED "January 3, 2005 Letter to the Editor" in Crain's Chicago Business
Journal of Solar Energy Engineering

PAPER "Carbon Content of Hydrogen Vehicle Fuel" in the February, 2005 Journal of Solar Energy Engineering
The Cost of Wind Electricity

PAPER "Worksheet to Compute the Cost Wind Electricity", World Renewable Energy Conference-VIII, Denver, CO USA, August 29-September 3, 2004
Fuel Cell Vehicle

PAPER California Climate Change Center's First Annual Conference on Climate Change, June 9-10, 2004, Sacramento, CA
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PAPER, National Hydrogen Association 20O4 Convention, April 26-30, 2004, Los Angeles, CA
Paper on Kyoto Protocol

PAPER-Global WINDPOWER 2004 Conference, Chicago, IL USA, 28-31 March 2004
Levelized Cost and Carbon Content of Hydrogen Vehicle Fuel

PAPER-United States Association for Energy Economics-NCAC-Washington, DC, Friday, December 19, 2003
Fuel Cell Vehicle

PAPER-Illinois Economics Association's 33rd Annual Meeting, October 17-18, 2003, Chicago, IL
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PAPER-American Solar Energy Society's SOLAR 2003 Conference, June 21-23, 2003, Austin,TX
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PAPER-International Solar Energy Society-SOLAR WORLD CONFERENCE 2003-14-19 June 2003,Goteborg, Sweden
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PAPER-European Wind Energy Association-2003 EUROPEAN WIND ENERGY CONFERENCE 16-20 June 2003-Madrid,Spain
Journal of Solar Energy Engineering

PAPER "Worksheet to compute the Levelized Cost of PV electricity", Journal of Solar Energy Engineering, August 2002
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PAPER 2002 Global WindPower Conference


  PAPER at Solar Power International 2013, 21-24 October, Chicago

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I presented my paper, The Increase in Global Solar (PV, CSP) Power Caused by extending the Kyoto Protocol Until 2030, at Solar Power International 2013 (SPI13), 21-24 October, Chicago. 

Below is a link for you to download my paper and your very own copy of my poster ( 8.5" x 11" or 36" x 44").  It will be available to the public until Earth Day 2020 (22 April).


The Kyoto Protocol, a treaty between nations, was created to reduce global warming by reducing carbon emissions. Fossil electric generation emits carbon. Solar electricity does not. There is a cost to reduce carbon emissions. A Protocol carbon cap expands solar power capacity by reducing fossil electricity’s cost advantage. During the first commitment period, the US was not a signatory and the BMIIC nations (Brazil, Mexico, India, Indonesia and China) were not capped. Because it was not extended with a second commitment (2013-2017) period, the Protocol ended on 12/31/12. This paper presents the counterfactual case that the US becomes a second period signatory at 2015 COP 21 in Paris and that the Protocol is extended. All first period signatories sign up again. The BMIIC agree to be on a new Annex II. South Korea and South Africa are on Annex II. Non-Annex nations remain uncapped. At COP 21, the Protocol is coordinated with the WTO. The WTO now allow for carbon taxes on imports. Carbon has no place to go. 1990 remains the base year. 385 ppm becomes the third period carbon cap. Cap reporting and verifying are strengthened. Current emission control architectures remain. Carbon becomes a global commodity. The counter factual case presented requires US grid electricity to be much less carbon intensive and reduces the cost advantage of fossil over solar electricity. Because the US is now a signatory to the Protocol, US carbon markets, EPA and FERC regulations now assure that US solar power capacity is greatly expanded. 




At the Paris COP 21, the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement was agreed to.





For 23 years, Michael has been advising C-Level clients on solar power technology, economics and climate change mitigation. On April 25, 2013, he was quoted on electric grid (T & D) reliability in the New York Times  His 30 published papers include, A Financial Worksheet for Computing the Cost (US¢/kWh; €¢/kWh) of Solar Electricity Generated at Grid Connected Photovoltaic (PV) Generating Plants, Journal of Solar Energy Engineering (JSEE), August, 2002. His paper was one of the top 10 JSEE articles downloaded in November, 2006, December, 2007, February, 2008, and October, 2008. Michael did area studies (including energy) while in the USAR 308th CA GP (1968-74), Chicago (Hyde Park). At the U of IL, he took math through diff Q and one year of both chemistry and physics. He has a U of IL BA (1967), Northwestern MBA (1969) and past (1979) the IL CPA exam. He was a registered (1980-06) IL CPA. For 30 years, Michael was a tenured US Econ Professor. For Michael’s Short Form CV go to:


 Enoc, Perez, Marina Towers Chicago, 2011, Collection of the artist, New York


                                                Another view of Marina City

I live at Marina City. A photograph of my Marina City Condo with me reading, French in Three Months, was on exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago. 



In 2017, Google Scholar reported that my 31 papers were cited 15 times. This doodle is on my Google Scholar homepage.    This doodle is the winning doodle from my annual doodling contest which I had most years that I taught (1970-99) full-time at the College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, IL. M1 stands for the money supply; Y stands for GDP.

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14 May 2017

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