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PAPER at WindEurope 2018 Conference, 25-28 September, Hamburg
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PAPER at WindPower 2018, 7-10 May, Chicago
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PAPER at Solar Power International 2017, 10-13 September, Las Vegas
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PAPER at Solar Power International 2013, 21-24 October, Chicago
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WINDPOWER 2009, May 4-7, Chicago, IL USA

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PRESENTATION at the 2008 Latin American Wind Energy Conference, November 5-7, Guadalajara, MX

PRESENTATION at WINDPOWER 2008, June 1-4, Houston, TX

PRESENTATION at the 2008 European Wind Energy Conference, 31 March-3 April, Brussels. Belgium
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PAPER, "The Economics of Storing Wind Electricity as Hydrogen" at WindPower 2007 June 3-6 Los Angeles, CA USA
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QUOTED in the Northwestern Alumni Magazine, Winter, 2007
Storing Wind Electricity as Hydrogen

PAPER "The Technology of Storing Wind Electrcity as Hydrogen" at the European Wind Energy Conference, 7-10 May, 2007, Milan, Italy
Storing Wind Electricity as Hydrogen

PAPER at the POWER GEN Renewable Energy and Fuels Conference, March 6-8, 2007, Las Vegas, NV
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PRESENTATION "Reporting the Wind Story" At the Seminar "Reporting Energy Issues in the Midwest", Sponsored by the Foundation for American Communications, Urbana, IL September 14, 2006
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PAPER "Carbon Content of Hydrogen Vehicle Fuel" in the February, 2005 Journal of Solar Energy Engineering
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PAPER "Worksheet to Compute the Cost Wind Electricity", World Renewable Energy Conference-VIII, Denver, CO USA, August 29-September 3, 2004
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PAPER California Climate Change Center's First Annual Conference on Climate Change, June 9-10, 2004, Sacramento, CA
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PAPER, National Hydrogen Association 20O4 Convention, April 26-30, 2004, Los Angeles, CA
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PAPER-Global WINDPOWER 2004 Conference, Chicago, IL USA, 28-31 March 2004
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PAPER-Illinois Economics Association's 33rd Annual Meeting, October 17-18, 2003, Chicago, IL
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PAPER-American Solar Energy Society's SOLAR 2013 Conference, 21-23 June, Austin,TX
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PAPER-International Solar Energy Society-SOLAR WORLD CONFERENCE 2003-14-19 June 2003,Goteborg, Sweden
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PAPER-European Wind Energy Association-2003 EUROPEAN WIND ENERGY CONFERENCE 16-20 June 2003-Madrid,Spain
Journal of Solar Energy Engineering

PAPER "Worksheet to compute the Levelized Cost of PV electricity", Journal of Solar Energy Engineering, August 2002
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PAPER, 2002 Global Windpower Conference, 2-5 April, Paris France



  PAPER at Solar Power International 2017, 10-13 September, Las Vegas

Michael STAVY  
The Renewable Energy Finance and Technology Consultancy©  
300 N STATE ST APT 4434  
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                        Michael's Picture for the SPI-17 Program. 

                 I am standing on my balcony at Marina City in Chicago


I presented my peer-reviewed paper, A Financial Algorithm for Computing the Levelized Cost of Storing PV Electricity (LCOS), at the poster session of Solar Power International 2017 (SPI-17), Monday, 11 September, 5pm-6pm, Las Vegas.  I enjoyed talking to those of you who stopped by my poster! Comments that SPI-17 attendees made to me have helped me to improve my SPI-17 paper. As a result, my improved SPI-17 paper (Version 2.00) is now available below. Thank you! 

I am not new to the technology and finances of energy storage!  I have 14 years of experience. My first energy storage paper was, A Financial Worksheet for Computing the Levelized Cost of Wind Electricity (US$/MWh; €/MWh) Stored in  a Hydrogen Energy Storage System, WindPower 2003, 18-21 May, Austin. TX. I presented a European version of my paper at the International Solar Energy Society's Solar World 2003, 14-19 June, Göteborg, Sweden (The European version was not that hard to write as the rules of physics and chemistry are the same in Europe as they are in the US).

What goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas except that I hope that my SPI-17 Energy Storage Paper does not stay in Vegas. You can download my paper even if you do live in Vegas! There is no charge.

Below the paper Abstract are my now much improved paper (Version 2.00) with its Table I Excel worksheet (Version 2.00) and my SPI-17 Poster (Version 12). My poster is suitable for your home or office or for your (grand) children's bedroom wall.


This paper discusses the financial and technical principles underlying the levelized cost method of computing the cost of storing solar (PV) electricity (LCOS). The paper presents a levelized cost (LC) algorithm. The algorithm uses nine recognized energy storage system (EES) specifications to compute the levelized cost of the stored electricity. The algorithm equations are presented. Published ESS specifications are cited. For rapid computation, a worksheet is provided. The goal of this paper is to present a standard computational algorithm for financial analysts to use. A financial analyst can do a levelized cost computation based on paper’s LC algorithm and on the algorithm’s nine ESS specifications. The paper’s algorithm gives the analyst who has an ESS specifications, a quick “back of the envelope” verification of a developer’s (utility-scale), manufacturer’s (C & I; residential), or researcher’s (prototype) value for the cost (US$/MWh; €/MWh) of energy storage. This paper also has a case study that demonstrates how to obtain/develop the nine ESS specs. Published specs for the Eos Aurora® (a utility-scale [1 MW 4 MWh] DC battery ESS manufactured by Eos Energy Storage)  and Cabin Creek (a utility-scale [300 MW 1,450 MWh] Pumped Hydro ESS in Clear Creek County, CO owned by Xcel Energy) are used in the case study. Because the ESS CapEx is a required spec, the LC algorithm can also be the basis for an ESS financial (forensic) valuation. A second paper will compute the LC of using an ESS to provide ancillary services (frequency and voltage stabilization  plus VARS). A Poster handout was provided. The paper has now been revised (Version 2.00) to take into account the suggestions of the SPI-17 attendees.


ONE,  There used to be a toll gate of US$25 to download my SPI-17 paper and poster.  I have removed the toll gate and now there is open access. You can download my SPI-17 documents for FREE. I have done this is because the Trump Administration is poised to ask Congress for deep cuts to clean energy research spending.  The Trump Administration proposes to slash the budget for the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy by 72%. I am sure that you know that this is bad for my business.

TWO,  I mentioned the former toll gate because my SPI-17 paper and poster have not yet been revised to reflect the elimination of the toll gate.   

THREE,  Table I below is a PDF because my web server does not allow me to store Excel files. Email me your request for a free Excel copy of Table I.


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