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The Beighley-Stavy Home in Georgetown, CO
Efficient Urban Transit

Innovations in Energy Efficient City Transit
Honorary Member, Class of '62, Niles TWP HS

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Durban 2011

Recommendations for the COP 21 Kyoto Protocol Climate Change Mitigation Treaty
Art Institute of Chicago

Inside Marina City


Assisted with purchase of 55,000 MWh

Buying Electricity and Natural Gas in Illinois' Competitive Energy Market
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Buying Electricity and Natural Gas in Massachusetts' Competitive Energy Market
I help Propery Owners Develop their Wind Assets

Developing Large (> 1 MW) Wind Projects
My Papers on Climate Change

GHG Emissions Papers Will Help You Understand Climate Change
cap and trade; Kyoto Protocol; carbon tax

Consulting on Climate Change Mitigation, COP 21, the Kyoto Protocol, Carbon Trading and the Carbon Tax
Heat energy not electricity

Developing Solar Thermal Projects

Developing PV (Photovoltaic) Projects
Fuel Cell Vehicle

Purchasing Hybrid, Electric, Natural Gas, Hydrogen and Alternative Fuel Vehicles
generate electricity and heat

Developing Microturbine & Distributed Generation Projects


30 Papers/Presentations and Counting

Abstracts of Michael STAVY'S Published Papers and Presentations
see my co-authors

My August 2002 JSEE Paper is Cited in Eight Papers


See you at SPI2013

PAPER at Solar Power International 2013, 21-24 October, Chicago
Warsaw was Interesting

PRESENTATION at the EWEC 2010, Warsaw, Poland, 20-23 April
Nice meeting with you in Marseille

PRESENTATION at the EWEC 2009 Marseille, France 16 - 19 March 2009
Download my Carbon Cap Presentation

Paper at the 2009 Michigan Wind Conference 3-4 March 2009, Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI
See you in Chicago

WINDPOWER 2009, May 4-7, Chicago, IL USA
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PRESENTATION at the 2008 Latin American Wind Energy Conference, November 5-7, Guadalajara, MX

PRESENTATION at WINDPOWER 2008, June 1-4, Houston, TX

PRESENTATION at the 2008 European Wind Energy Conference, 31 March-3 April, Brussels. Belgium
Nice seeing you in LA

PAPER, "The Economics of Storing Wind Electricity as Hydrogen" at WindPower 2007 June 3-6 Los Angeles, CA USA
Kellogg Graduate School of Management Class of 1969

QUOTED in the Northwestern Alumni Magazine, Winter, 2007
Storing Wind Electricity as Hydrogen

PAPER "The Technology of Storing Wind Electrcity as Hydrogen" at the European Wind Energy Conference, 7-10 May, 2007, Milan, Italy
Storing Wind Electricity as Hydrogen

PAPER at the POWER GEN Renewable Energy and Fuels Conference, March 6-8, 2007, Las Vegas, NV
Spoke to Reporters

PRESENTATION "Reporting the Wind Story" At the Seminar "Reporting Energy Issues in the Midwest", Sponsored by the Foundation for American Communications, Urbana, IL September 14, 2006
Spark, November 2005

Letter to the Editor of SPARK, November, 2005
Clear Creek Public Radio

"US Energy Sources and Uses" October 29, 2005 Interview on KYGT, Clear Creek County, CO Public Radio
Illinois’ Voluntary Renewable Portfolio Standard

MY 2005 COMMENTS to Illinois Commerce Commision Concerning lllinois' Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS)
Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

MY ANSWERS to Certain Questions Concerning Illinois' 2005 RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standard)
Yak Yak Yak

My 4 October 2005 Speech to the Sierra Club, Chicago Group, North Shore Program
Quoted Comments

COMMENTS Quoted in Newspapers or Magazines
Chicago Skyline

PUBLISHED "January 3, 2005 Letter to the Editor" in Crain's Chicago Business
Journal of Solar Energy Engineering

PAPER "Carbon Content of Hydrogen Vehicle Fuel" in the February, 2005 Journal of Solar Energy Engineering
The Cost of Wind Electricity

PAPER "Worksheet to Compute the Cost Wind Electricity", World Renewable Energy Conference-VIII, Denver, CO USA, August 29-September 3, 2004
Fuel Cell Vehicle

PAPER California Climate Change Center's First Annual Conference on Climate Change, June 9-10, 2004, Sacramento, CA
Fuel Cell Vehicle

PAPER, National Hydrogen Association 20O4 Convention, April 26-30, 2004, Los Angeles, CA
Paper on Kyoto Protocol

PAPER-Global WINDPOWER 2004 Conference, Chicago, IL USA, 28-31 March 2004
Levelized Cost and Carbon Content of Hydrogen Vehicle Fuel

PAPER-United States Association for Energy Economics-NCAC-Washington, DC, Friday, December 19, 2003
Fuel Cell Vehicle

PAPER-Illinois Economics Association's 33rd Annual Meeting, October 17-18, 2003, Chicago, IL
Fuel Cell Vehicle

PAPER-American Solar Energy Society's SOLAR 2003 Conference, June 21-23, 2003, Austin,TX
Yak Yak Yak

PAPER-International Solar Energy Society-SOLAR WORLD CONFERENCE 2003-14-19 June 2003,Goteborg, Sweden
Pure Hydrogen Flame

PAPER-European Wind Energy Association-2003 EUROPEAN WIND ENERGY CONFERENCE 16-20 June 2003-Madrid,Spain
Journal of Solar Energy Engineering

PAPER "Worksheet to compute the Cost of PV electricity" in the August, 2002 Journal of Solar Energy Engineering


  Home Page--Michael STAVY, Renewable Energy Economist

Michael STAVY  
Energy Economist  
300 N STATE ST APT 4434  
Chicago, Illinois USA 60654  

Trees Along Route N-7 in Provence
A Modern 5 MW European Wind Plant

    WANTED: US and overseas agricultural, industrial and commercial businesses in windy locations for the installation of a 750 kW to 1.5 MW wind turbine to power the business.

    Have questions about President Obama's Climate Action Plan? Overwhelmed with facts and data? Debriefing service available!

    This 4/25/13 NYT's article ( ) identified me as "an energy economist who specializes in climate change mitigation". To set up an appointment go to:


Burning fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, oil) supplies most of the energy in the industrial economies. The use of this chemical energy in economic production is one of the key characteristics of the industrial nations. The use of non-human and non-animal energy is so important to industrial societies that energy, itself, is now an additional factor of production. This was not explicitly observed in the pre-industrial era. Energy must now be added as a fourth factor to the three classical factors of economic production; land, labor and capital. Because energy is a factor of production in industrial society, its production and use is complicated.

Source: Stavy, Michael, The Effect That the Kyoto Protocol Will Have on the Cost of Wind Power in the Signatory Countries, Global WindPower 2002 Conference, 2-5 April 2002, Paris, France   

  • 24 years of strategic consulting in renewable energy (wind, solar thermal, PV) economics.
  • Strategic consulting in climate change mitigation (cap and trade, carbon tax, RPS, RES, Kyoto Protocol, EV, public transportation, 385 ppm).
  • Facilitate investor efforts to finance renewable energy/distributed generation projects with equipment leases, debt and tax equity.
  • Help farmers, ranchers and urban property owners develop their renewable energy projects from concept through operations management.
  • Specialize in small business renewable energy projects from 0.25-25 MW
  • Work with clients in the US and internationally
  • Registered Illinois CPA (1980-1989)
  • 31 published papers
  • Google Scholar reported that my 31 papers have been cited 13 times
  • Help clients buy electricity and natural gas in IL, MA and in other states with competitive retail energy markets.
  • Download Michael's Short Form CV (resume)
  • Now doing Environmental Policy Reviews and Recommendations for COP 21 in Paris
  •  FUN GUY since 1944

I was quoted in the 04/25/13 New York Times article, Power Grids Iffy, Populous Areas go for Generators. Read the article at:

I made a comment on the MLP Parity Act at the International Distributed Energy Association Website. Read my comment at:

EWEC2010.bannerdoc.jpg  The Icelandic Volcano did not stop me!
I made a poster presentation of my paper, The Effect That a US Signature on a Kyoto-II Climate Change Mitigation Treaty (or an Equivalent US Domestic Change Mitigation Policy) Will Have on the US Wind Industry, at the 2010 European Wind Energy Conference, 20-23 April, Warsaw, Poland.  

Since the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) entered into force (21 March 1994), the parties to the UNFCC have been meeting annually in the Conference of the Parties (COP) to assess the progress in dealing with climate change. Beginning in the mid-1990's, the COP was used to negotiate the Kyoto Protocol. The Protocol was initially adopted on 11 Dec 1997 in Kyoto Japan (Kyoto-I), it entered into force on 16 Feb 2005 and ended (31 December 2012) because it was not extended at COP 17. COP 17 was held 28 Nov-9 Dec 2011 in Durban, South Africa.

Because of COP 21 in 2015, I will give the public open access to my updated 2010 EWEC paper and poster starting on Earth Day 2015.  My poster will look good on your office wall and on the office wall of your US Congressional Representative, your US Senator or your US President.  You can put my poster on your children's bedroom wall and can tell them that this is their future (hopefully, unless you are in the coal business).    

I am also giving open access to my
2008 Latin American Wind Conference presentation, The Use of the Kyoto Protocol and its Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) to Help Finance Wind Plants in Latin American Countries,
and to my 2009 Michigan Wind Energy Conference presentation, A Mandatory US Federal Carbon Emissions Program (Kyoto-II) Will Reduce the Cost Advantage that Michigan Fossil Electricity has over Michigan Wind Electricity.  GO TO:  AND TO:

The 2013 COP 19 was held 11-22 November in Warsaw.  The 2014 COP 20 will be held in Lima, Peru. The 2015 COP 21 will be held in Paris.  


I made a poster presentation of my paper, The Increase in Global Solar Power Caused by Extending the Kyoto Protocol Until 2030, at Solar Power International 2013, October 21-24, Chicago, IL USA.  My paper is a counterfactual scenario.  I am preparing an updated version of my paper for the 2015 COP 21 in Paris. I compete with many of the major consulting firms. I know Paris and I know the Protocol. Pick me to be your Protocol and COP 21 advisor.  GO TO:  

banner_1.jpgdihk-public.gif  AHK%20%282%29.jpg 

I was a member of a Fact-Finding Delegation that went to Germany, 17-21 Sept 2012, to study the topic, Innovations in Energy Efficient City Transit. The delegation was sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and by the German/American Chambers of (AHK).  The trip was very interesting.  Go to
 Increasing the energy efficiency of US City Transit is an important climate change mitigation strategy that will also improve the US Balance of Trade. I took time from my 2013 4th of July holiday to make some videos of new Energy Efficiency in US City Transit. Go to

To read the abstracts of my 31 published papers/presentations go to: To learn where my papers are cited go to:  

My article, A Financial Worksheet for Computing the Cost (¢/kWh) of Solar Electricity Generated at Grid Connected Photovoltaic (PV) Generating Plants, was published in the Journal of Solar Energy Engineering, August, 2002, Vol. 124, Page 319.  This article was one of the top 10 articles downloaded from the JSEE in the following months:  November, 2006; December, 2007; February, 2008; October, 2008. Go to  

Current Carbon Emissions Fact

“Viewed another way, last year’s [2007] carbon dioxide increase means 2.4 molecules of the gas were added to every million molecules of air, boosting the global concentration to nearly 385 parts per million (ppm). Pre-industrial carbon dioxide levels hovered around 280 ppm until 1850. Human activities pushed those levels up to 380 ppm by early 2006.”

US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Website, Carbon Dioxide, Methane Rise
Sharply in 2007,  Dated: April 23, 2008; Accessed: April 24, 2008 

youtube_google_brand.gif To show a major European Climate Change mitigation technology that could be used in the US, I have put my videos of this technology on my U-Tube Channel @

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The photographs of PV, solar thermal, wind and other renewable energy projects shown on this web site are for illustrative purposes only. Except where noted, I have neither consulted nor developed the projects shown.

While I believe that this web site contains correct information, I am not making any warranty, express or implied, not do I assume any legal responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information, apparatus, product, process or service disclosed. The information contained herein, and/or the products or services described, are subject to change without notice.

I am not responsible for the content of the external internet web sites that I have linked to.

22 April 2013


An Older Spanish Wind Plant (MW capacity unknown)  

Photo: Michael Kemma, Quixote's Giants, Study 8, Consuegra Spain, 1996

Source: Michael Kenna, A 30 Year Retrospective, June 23-August 26, 2005, Robert Mann Gallery  


Monet's Zaan River at Zaandam (1871) [capacity factor unknown]

Horizontal axis Dutch wind mills (turbines) which have "sails" (blades) that use the lift principle to convert wind energy into mechanical energy

Source: Illustrated History of Wind Power Development by Darrell M. Dodge, Littleton, CO,  2002
web address:  


750 kW NEG/Micon Turbine, Moorhead MN  

US EIA Photo


Fall 2006 Chicago, Illinois (Bio energy [Btu/lb] unknown)


Fall 2006 at dusk, walking along the Illinois and Michigan Canal (solar energy [KWh/m^2] unknown) 


Former Land of Lincoln Resident and an advocate for a US Signature on the extention of the Kyoto Protocol.

His new film opened on 9 November 2012. Now Mr. Lincoln will be the chief US delegate to COP 19 (11-22 November 2013) in Warsaw, PL. In the Lincoln movie that I just saw, the US signs the Kyoto Protocol, the current Annex I nations, the BRIC nations plus MX, KR and ZA all agree to carbon caps and the Protocol is extended for the second commitment period. You cannot ask for a better ending to a movie, even if you wrote the screenplay yourself.

Mr. Lincoln said that he did not save the Union to see the country destroyed by Global Warming. He hopes that in 2015 COP 21 in Paris does its job to save Plant Earth (and the Union)

Image Source: Political Science Department Art Collection, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS), University of Illinois at Chicago. Gift of Michael Stavy (LAS Class of 1967)

Image Creator: Jan E Zechman, Zechman & Associates Advertising

images_logo.gif has assembled a group of photos from my website. To view the photo collection, go to the Google site @


  1. My Office Song:
  2. The History of Climate Change Negotiations in 83 Seconds:
  3. A photograph of my Marina City Condo with me reading, French in Three Months, was on exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago:  
  4.  I am interviewed on an Aimee Keane (NU student) produced news program on the Northwestern Medill News Channel.  My interview (via Skype) is put in this news program right after a speech of President Obama on climate change mitigation.  This program will soon be shown on CAN-TV.  Why wait?  See President Obama and me right now.  It was fun for me to do some work to try to protect nature while I was in my Georgetown, Colorado mountain cabin  enjoying nature.
  5. FOR EARTH DAY 2015: Below is an old POGO Earth Day Poster. I do my yearly web visitor accounting recap on Earth Day. Earth Day, Tues., 22 April 14 web visitor 155,089 appeared. Mon, 22 April 13, web visitor 142,527 showed up. Earth Day, Sun, 22 April 12, web visitor 127,053 stopped by.  In 2014, I had 12,562 visitors. Last year, I had 15,474 web visitors last year. In 2015, the "real" Earth Day will be on 30 November in Paris where COP 21 decides the future of the Kyoto Protocol.

I have enjoyed all your visits! Learn about my background!  Read my CV. Peruse the list of abstracts for my published papers! Go to

If you want to visit me at my office instead of here on the web, make an appointment by going to  I look forward to meeting you in person. I also look forward to you being my web visitor 167,000 on Wednesday, 22 April (Earth Day 2015).   


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