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Date Mon Dec 31 2007 05:41
Excellent food, decent (if a bit slow)... - A. R. - Apr 16, 2007
Whenever I go to Siam Delight, I'm always impressed by the food. It's made fresh to order, satisfying even my picky allergy restrictions. My only real beef with the restaurant is ...

Thai to Die For - Mary M. - Sep 28, 2005
My co-coworker introduced me to Siam Delight. For me, it was love at first taste. Now let me say this is not a fine dining establishment, it's a modest eatery with an atmosphere ...

World Class Thai Food - Kristen R. - Jun 5, 2005
I have to admit, I was a little skepical when I saw this place, located in the same building as a dry cleaners, and I was more t han pleasantly surprised. ...

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