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Siam Delight : The harmony since 1998

Siam Delight  
978 922-8514  
128 Cabot Street  
Beverly, Massachusetts 01915 USA  

Siam Delight Reviews

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Subject Siam Delight

Date Sat Aug 24 2002 23:40
Author Khun Diane (

Sawadee kha. I really like your restaurant and the food is excellent. Everytime I visit my mom in Ipswich I make at least one trip to eat at Siam Delight. I only wish you would make items not on the menu...especially issan food like laap and som tam. You should print your web site info on your take away menu and business cards! I found your site by accident..after ordering food from you tonight! SO lucky of me. Thank you for making my heart and stomach im maak!

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