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William Woloschuk  
Southland Control Systems, Int'l- [ Business Card]  
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Project Management Global Resources  
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SCS Consulting Group, International(Southland Control Systems (2013)

Happy New Years 2010- & People of the Ukraine
We Serve the World's eBusiness Needs

I'm looking forward to this Years 2013 challenges & projects to discuss ways to improve in solving business issues/problems and look forward and offer new innovations & technologies to better connect with our client's, partners & stakeholders.

Welcome to group, "PMGR -Project Management Global Resources" members.   Link:  

DIRECT Contact:  1-951-216-9117 (Cell)   eMail:


William Woloschuk, Managing Principal (Los Angeles, California)

Since 1993, SCS Consulting, Int'l has provided enterprise ebusiness/eCommerce solutions that address the ever growing challenges of today's corporate needs.  We can harness the power of the Internet, client-server technologies to make the web serve your Client's/Customer's/Partners and vastly improve Sales, Marketing and new Business Development Groups effectiveness and productivity.  They can have the tools for direct access to your Client's data anywhere in the World. We strive and reward excellence through innovation.

2013 - Innovation Priorities: from SCS Consulting, International

1. Make business processes more efficient

2. Introduce new IT -led products and services to our client's

3. Get better business intelligence to more employees, quicker

4. Improve Web access & functionality for better client experience

5. Engage client's in more hands-on ways

6. Vastly improve customer service


eCommerce in Banking - True On-line transactions allow the customer to transfer funds, setup an On-line CD Acct., receive immediate confirmation of the terms such as; Initial Amt.,Rate,Maturity date, Interest Payment Options, etc., without an Approval since it's your money...."NWBank says, it's simplier, faster, easier but that's wishful thinking"...not a letter in the mail after two weeks..(Who tested this process in real terms and where could Quality Control/Standards help)

eCommerce - start by creating a 'Fast Track' approach to ordering Products, Financing (anywhere in the world)ie; TD Bank, Bank of London, Chase, (Letters of Credit(Domestic/International), Payment options(3.99%)for your eCommerce Business. Take the lead in your Industry, improving functionality, introduce new "Quality Standards" tied to bonuses, resolve customer service issues, supercharge affiliate revenue sharing programs and thereby improve profitability & customer satisfaction. Be number# 1 as reported by Business Week, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Barons, London Times, LA Business Journal and

SCS specializes in Loan Origination applications for banking, mortgage banking that significantly streamline the business processes with Windows based technologies and productive tools for the loan processor, loan officer, product & investor pricing, telemarketing, underwriting and funding.  Applications submitted from the Internet are randomly assigned to a loan officer and along the way each area within the loan processing cycle is given full access, timely status to ensure everyone is fully aware what's going on. (Fiserv's Unifi, FidelityNIS Empower, Alltel)

CRM, ERP & Ecommerce Applications -  for Manufacturing, Distribution, Supply Chain Systems

We would like to introduce our Client's to various alternatives/options when you are about to select between SAP, JD Edwards, Peoplesoft, Oracle Business Systems and other's (ie; NetSuite)

Pros & Cons:  Each claims to be able to transform your business processes, improve functionality, and provide ease-to-impliment and scalable modules whether your a Mid-sized company or a Multi-national organization. Each provided similar functionality for the following modules.

. Sales & Marketing  (CRM) - Sales Force Automation- Contract Mgmt.

   a. Customer Relationship Management  b. Marketing & Strategy

   c.  Customer/Partner Support    d. Sales/Marketing/Business Development

Goal: To effectively manage your Internet Partners & provide Revenue Sharing for client referrals for new business sales growth.

. Financial/Accounting (ERP) - Manufacturing, Distribution - Production Mgmt.

  a. Accounting/Financials   b. Time & Billing   c. Order Entry & Processing

  d. Purchasing & Vendor    e. Inventory Control & Auto reordering   

  f.  Quality Standards/Measuring Performance    g. Quantitative Analysis

Goal:  To ensure the Production line performance is realized from raw materials to finished good, with real-time(internet based)Ordering, Purchasing, tracking, Auto Inventory reordering, Integration of all processes from concept, thru production to final delivery of finished to Customer's Worldwide.

. Storefront Sales(Internet) BtoB, BtoC (Ecommerce) - Email based process

  a. Webstore(Ordering)      b. Client Tracking(Partner's Contract)Revenue Sharing

  c. Web development (Oracle, Access, SQL databases)

SCS is a leading provider of intelligent business solutions that maximize the business value of corporate systems, provide an immediate ROI by lowering total cost of ownership, vastly improves the volume of loans processed, and thereby the effectiveness and productivity of each employee with responsive tools at his/her command.   A fact, no other Solutions provider, Software Vendor or Big 4 CPA firm has been as effective as we have because we listen first, then work closely with you to ensure the results are what you expected. This straightforward approach with our Client's has improved business performance, increased the value of their products & services and has created a clear competitive advantage over others in the same business and Industry.

Who Rules Accounting, sets the Standards by theory is Independent;

. SEC - The Securities and Exchange Commission

. FASB - The Financial Accounting Standards Board

. PCAOB - The Public Company Accounting Standards Board

. IASB - The International Accounting Standards Board

. Big Four - The major Accounting firms - also founded the Center for Audit Quality

. AICPA - The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

With the coming of the New Year  2007- we will be offering new IT/Consulting and eBusiness/eCommerce Services to assist of new and existing Client's.

Venture Partnerships, crisis Management, IT Disaster Planning, Homeland Security Response

>IT/Consulting, IT Project Management, Management Advisory Services 

>Product Development, for Sales/ Marketing, new Business Development

>Property Management, Client Support and Tenant Arbitration

>Alarm Monitoring, Quality Standards for dispatch/monitoring, Training & Software Development, Backup PC based Disaster/Recovery(GE MAS Monitoring Automation Systems) Alarm Monitoring software using the Internet based, GPS Tech tracking, direct testing, satellite tracking & client access technologies

We are here to help you solve your Business Challenges with innovative eBusiness Solutions...Over 50% of our visits are from Europe, Asia and Australia/New Zealand  & the Americas.

CAN we offer your eBusiness ...................

. One Stop eBusiness or eCommerce business solutions                                 

. Project Management for your IT/Information Systems Support

. Web-based & Client-Server application development

. All Microsoft (MS 2010 tools) MS Project w/Sharepoint, Visio(Flowcharting), Access, Frontpage, Visual Interdev, SQL database, Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc.,(new)SQL Server 2010, Imaging technologies, Web Integration with  Frontpage & Access database , SCR Technologies, ebusiness/ecommerce.

. Project Team we provide a pro-active leadership and direction for the Project Team and jointly recommend, obtain approvals and perform the integration of your systems & business applications.  We help define your Functional Requirements, budget, and ensure your IT Programmers/outsource IT Contractors,complete all work on-time and to your full satisfaction on each and every client engagement.


Come on in - and stay a while, would you like some TEA...

WE have the Expertise in the Financial Services, Manufacturing, Alarm & Security and US Federal Governmental Agencies(FDIC & US Mint), DOD etc.,



We now provide IT/Consulting & Management Advisory Services for the Financial Services Industry, US Federal Government(FDIC)Banking Agencies, Treasury, Manufacturing(ERP Solutions), Software Development Projects and support Big 5 CPA Consulting firms and Property Management Rental Services.

WE Offer .................

 Our sole purpose is to respond to our Client's eBusiness Needs by helping you solve your own business problems. We define, analyze and recommend different ways to make your business run more efficiently. You choose what you would like to do, and then we can jointly proceed to make it happen....this is our Commitment on each engagement we start..."we want to be there for you"

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