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THE POWER OF PRAYER in Therapy, Counseling, and Coaching

Should prayer be part of therapy, counseling and coaching? Counseling, coaching and therapy are prayers. There are prayers in action, love and devotion. Without prayer there would be no universe. There would be no love, forgiveness and healing. Without God, there would be no tears and cries to heaven, laughter, joy and celebration. There would be no gratitude or thankfulness.

Prayer creates awareness. It seeks forgiveness for sin, heals illnesses, mends broken minds and hearts. Prayer delivers when all else fails and darkness fills the soul. Every human being falls short, but prayer unifies us with holiness and holiness heals. So, why shouldn't everything that we do, including this endeavor, be sanctified and raised up. The world is a painful place to be lost in. Through prayer, we are lifted up, cleansed and made holy.

Prayer Requests

As part of my long-standing commitment to the power of prayer, I invite you, according to your need, to let me pray for you and/or someone that you feel can use it. Every person that I have prayed for has benefited. All that you have to do is submit your name and your prayer need. Your first name will be posted, with your permission, in this section, so that other people may pray for you. If you do not wish to have your name posted, I understand that and your anonymity will be respected. All that I ask is that you keep me informed as to how my prayers are or are not affecting you. This is a research and spiritual study project. If you wish for me to pray for you in a particular spiritual tradition, please let me know your choice.

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Prayer's Healing Power

Prayer and Pain

Prayer is often concerned about pain; whether it be physical or emotional. Whenever you pray, there is usually an unmet need that you are trying to get fulfilled. That is why you may notice emotional arousal and crying associated with praying. When the children of Israel were in bondage, their cries were heard in heaven and God decided to heed their cries. The Book of Lamentations is filled with crying pain reaching up for resolution. Primal therapy focused on the emotional pain that was never expressed in childhood. The deep expression of primal pain relieved many people of long-standing disorders. The emphasis of this type of therapy was centered around the autobiographical material of early childhood trauma and unfulfilled needs. The literature of the time presented a secular therapy that basically denied the spiritual realm. In fact, the originators of primal therapy believed that all pain was secular and centered in dysfunctional family dynamics. Spiritual matters were considered symbolic and unreal.

As an active member of the International Primal Association, I found that position to be untenable. In fact, I discovered that spiritual pain was just as relevant, if not more so than childhood unmet needs for love. And what is spiritual pain? It is anything that hurts when you find yourself reaching up to a higher power for resolution. Deliverance from pain and suffering is usually grounds for prayers of thanks and gratitude. Pain comes out of the thanks. The tears located in worshipful prayers of gratitude are part of emotional release. When a person prays for a cure for illness, there is pain contained in the prayer. The emotional release contained in the prayer gives the person a sense of realness about the experience. When someone prays for a stranger or a loved one, they can usually feel the emotional release of pain in the need for a healing.

As in all of life, the power of prayer for healing medical problems is a proven scientific fact. In a recent study, women at an in vitro fertilization center were prayed for by total strangers. These women had higher pregnancy rates than the unprayed-for group. In fact the prayed for group had double the pregnancy rate. Not being able to conceive through normal channels contains considerable emotional pain for couples desiring a child. Somehow, the act of prayer by strangers cuts through the blockages to pregnancy and creates a very desirable outcome. God does answer prayer. I might add that these were scientifically controlled studies.

In a second study of people with serious heart problems, scheduled for angioplasty; the patients who were prayed for had fewer complications. These patients were assigned to receive different therapies: stress relaxation, healing touch, guided imagery, offsite prayer or no complementary therapy. The patients who received offsite prayers from strangers did far better than the other groups.

In Europe, another very controlled study with enzyme cells, bacteria, plants and animals were prayed for to grow, by outside prayer groups. Plants that were prayed for grew much more than the un-prayed for plants. The same plants, when prayed for in the opposite direction of no growth, responded in kind with no growth. Praying for and against growth responded exactly to the direction set by prayer groups. I guess this indicates that you don't have to believe in it for prayer to work. I consider this a great advantage when there is so much pain associated with physical and emotional problems. The nonhuman subjects in the preceding study, indicate that faith is not a requirement for the answering of prayer. Life itself contains pleasure and pain. The power of prayer helps resolve this dichotomy.

Does Prayer Work?

Healing Cures

Did you know that a flower, certain sounds, certain foods, certain lights, certain music and color can send you healing energy? Even the earth, trees, sky, air, neighborhoods, environments can heal you. Everything contains transformative healing energies and if you can open yourself up to receive these healing energies, you will be cured. Did you know that within you, there are powerful healing energies that can heal you and others? These powerful healing energies need to be recognized, acknowledged and developed. You can develop and enhance your own healing powers. But first, it may help you to pray to God for his assistance and healing empowerment. Your purpose for healing others and yourself is intended to do the greatest amount of good to the greatest number of people and situations.

In the New Testament, the disciples were empowered from tongues of fire, delivered by the holy spirit, to do all manner of healings. In the Old Testament, while the children of Israel wandered in the desert, they were protected from all disease. This is some of the biblical evidence of healings that take place from spiritual energy. The hands on technique used in spiritual disciplines show particular effectiveness. In the course of a typical day, I am called upon to do several different types of healing. When someone calls me from their place of work, complaining of some dysfunction, I promote long distance healing through the telephone. One woman became upset because her memory had failed her, on the job. By using long distance, telephone healing methods, I was able to restore her memory functioning and sense of well-being. A young athlete complained of back pain. By placing my hands on the afflicted muscle, I was able to transfer rapid energy to that body part. The pain disappeared and the afflicted person smiled, while noticing the feeling of heat in his lower back.

His mother, who was seated in front of me, complained of extreme fatigue. I told her to place the palms of her hands over her eyes. After a few seconds, her fatigue disappeared. Her other son, seated also in my presence, was experiencing unpleasant mental symptoms. I was seated about 10 feet from him and I asked them to focus his attention on my raised palm. My fingers were set in the El Shaddai position (hand greeting between Spock and Captain Kirk). After a few seconds, I asked the young man if he could feel the heat from my palm. His face opened wide with a big smile as he pointed to his left front forehead and said, "Yes! Wow, I feel it right here." Needless to say, his mental distress disappeared and was replaced by an uplifting mood.

This healing energy can be facilitated by anyone who desires the intention to heal. If the universe is filled with healing energy, deliberately focusing it on any person or situation, should transfer that energy. It doesn't matter if the person is close at hand or far away. It does help if the person is willing and open to receiving that healing energy. Some time ago, I was confronted by a woman of suspicious and distrusting nature, who claimed to be dying from lung cancer. I knew that she didn't trust me as a person. I also knew that the healing power of the holy spirit is independent of any individual, including myself. I asked the woman if she would like me to perform a healing prayer and ritual for her disease. Since she claimed to have only less than a year to live, she felt she had nothing to lose. So, she consented to give it a try.

There were several other close relatives of the woman in the room. I knew everyone there was hoping and rooting for the woman's cure. I didn't promise anything. But, I felt absolutely certain that God would answer this prayer. Everyone wanted her to get well. I had been doing these types of prayer filled healings for many years and felt absolutely confident that God would help me in this endeavor. The healing power of God is awesome and as I initiated the ritual procedure, I could feel His Presence enter into me and pass on into the woman's body and spirit. In that room, everyone else's attention and energy were focused on this woman's healing. That momentary transfer of healing power healed her cancer and to this day she is well. I have also done long distance healing prayers for her suspicious nature. All reports seem to indicate that she has seriously begun to eliminate her negative projections onto other people. She mentioned to her son that she was no longer seeing things in black and white terms. She was beginning to notice the middle ground gray between the extremes.

Does prayer work? Yes! Absolutely. But sometimes the holy spirit, the healing power of the universe, the Tao, the chi etc. etc. has the intelligence to test the healer's patience in the process of cure. It is recommended that the one who is initiating the healing and the person receiving the healing, become unattached to the outcome. This is an old principal, that I learned a long time ago. It is something that has to be relearned from time to time. You can set the intention in motion, but, the outcome is in the hands of the higher healing power. I do recommend that whenever you wish to initiate a healing process that you call to your assistance every available spiritual and physical resource,

Prayer Study

Change Through Prayer

by Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D.

I'm sitting back in time, reliving those first moments when I became acutely aware of being empowered by the gift of prayer. Motion pictures in my head reveal moments and sensations, crying out in prayer to God and Heaven. What is this gift inside of me? Why has it been given to somebody like me? Why was I picked out to be the recipient of such a wonderful gift? I've never done anything so remarkable that I should be signaled out for prayer power. The gift is given to me arbitrarily, not because I want it; but because God wants to express himself through me, in that way. I am nothing but a vessel, a vehicle for which God could touch and heal those souls who need His caring. I'm nothing and He is everything! Without Him, I am less than a grain of sand, a voice, a cry, screaming in the universe. But, He hears me. He values and loves my devotion, if not my sinfulness. He treasures my innocence and my steadfast loyalty. He doesn't seem to mind that I am different and somewhat close to the edge. But He admires my chutzpah! He respects my steadfast sense of identity and for whatever reason, He has chosen to answer my prayers.

Prayer: Forgive me for being judgmental of other people. Forgive me for criticizing others in a negative way. Cleanse me from this error.

A Personal Experience


 by Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D.

 God took me on a tour of the planet at breakneck speed. I felt myself, in my spirit, flying faster than any jet airplane, without the encumbrance of a physical body and high-powered aircraft. He took me out to the planets and said this was all mine to pray for. Then I saw two hippies sitting in a desert road with a blanket over their heads to protect them from the sun. I knew that this was a symbol of peace for the whole planet and that I was engaged in that mission of healing the entire planet, everything and everyone on it. The healing had to come through and from me, driven by divine energy and spirit. Then I was transported to the skyscrapers of Philadelphia, the beaches, oceans and forests of Florida and then on to the mountains and valleys of California. God took me through all of these places and I felt the spirits of Indian shamans here in the great Southwest. The message in me cried for the healing of the planet and the spirit within my soul was that of the Almighty.

In my spirit, I can fly higher and faster than any man or machine. Man in His Spirit can transcend and fly higher, faster and farther than the physical, material man. My spirit is like that of the prophet Ezekial.

 Then I felt saddened and depressed, while crying for the whole world and the suffering of so many. I felt sad at how small and insignificant I am at influencing and changing that suffering. Then God said to me, "Fret not, forsake not! For each soul that you help save, it is like a universe has been saved. Go forth and heal my children. Tell them that I love them and that I have not forgotten them. My love is forever and time is endless. You are my servant and in you I am well pleased."

Jesus said, "Those of you who drink of and from my cup, shall never thirst. For I am like a river of living waters. Bear your burden with me and you shall not be alone, for I am forever with you." God then said, "I will support you in troubled times and give you comfort, courage and wisdom. For you are my son, with whom I am pleased and I find pleasure in you and your spirit. Be not perfect, but be yourself! We will be forever enjoined." Then, I thought, "He is speaking to me through my mind, spirit and feelings. Praise him!

Then I understood that Jesus lives in every person as a divine spirit. He was created by the Jews as a manifest symbol of the perfect soul that is within us. He was able to manifest this perfect inner soul with his outer human self. The Christ is every pure soul before the material soul shapes that person on the outside. The Jews believe that the soul is perfect and needs no healing and that everything else is on the periphery. Yeshua demonstrated that the inner soul, Christ consciousness, could manifest itself in the physical person of the Messiah. The soul [Neshumah] is God residing inside every person waiting to be expressed. As in the garden of Eden, the devil [evil inclination] interfered with man and woman's communion with God. The soul of God and man was interrupted by evil from its Primal, original communion and all humans have been vigorously trying to reconnect with God, the Christ within, ever since.

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