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by Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D. MFT 


"Marriage or Bust: Audio Newsletter"



NEW -- an audio newsletter!


An audio newsletter affords me the opportunity to discuss community events from a psychological point of view. This audio edition reviews the recent escapades of Governor Sanford of South Carolina and the impact it had on his marriage.


Enjoy a powerful audio session by clicking on this link. Put innovative problem solving tools into effect and empower your relationship!


Our Most Requested Books are now Available as E-Books!:


Knowledge is power and educating yourself about a disorder is the first step to changing your situation. Now our most in-depth, informative, and best selling books on personality disorders are now available in e-book format. "Narcissistic Personality Disorder: A Profile", "Borderline Personality Disorder: a Profile", "Obsessive Love Disorder: a Profile", and "Bi-Polar Mood Disorder: a Profile" can be purchased directly from our web site. Don't forget our best sellers "Coping with the Disorder", "Sizzling Relationships: the 401(k) of Love" and "Feeling People". These books are the manuals that define change and transformation. Click on the titles to be directed to PsychotherapyHELP for more information.


Questions about Therapy and Life Coaching?


If it's therapy or life coaching you are seeking, go to PsychotherapyHELP and check out my therapy links and information on Coaching. Therapy and Coaching are designed and structured for each individual client. I do not fit a client into any model ... your therapy is designed for you and your situation alone.  Coaching can give you direction and support in all areas in your life, plus motivate you to make the changes that you've been dreaming of. One phone call is all it takes... we're here to answer your questions.


Thank you and I hope you continue to enjoy our newsletter. Please feel free to explore my web site at PsychotherapyHELP at You find articles to download, information on therapy and coaching, and links to an abundance of resources.


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