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INSIGHT: the Invincible Ally

In today's rugged landscape of geopolitical, social and individual psychology, enormous flexibility is the only virtue that you need in dealing with your life and present economic conditions. You will need to bend enough so that you don't break. This is a time where you as an individual and the collective world community are going to be taking some tough emotional, spiritual, physical and financial blows.

So, what do you need to pay attention to in order to

step up to the plate and be successful?

TAKE ACTION:  Whatever crisis that you face, it must be confronted swiftly and aggressively. Let's look at what our government did. It responded with interest rate cuts, tax rebates, tarp funding and fiscal stimulus. This is something that the Japanese didn't do when their economy went into the tank and suffered a 10 year bottoming out. Of course, when you act swiftly and aggressively, there may be little mistakes along the way. But, to do nothing is to invite financial and emotional disaster. Remember, the sun is still shining and the flowers will bloom as the springtime of your life is about to commence.

Even if your financial equity has fallen significantly, you still have equity in many areas of your life and your finances. However, during the aforementioned Japanese crisis, financial, political and emotional equity dropped significantly lower than the American psyche. You, and we as Americans, have the resources deep inside that can pull us up and out of any crisis. Emotionally, you can go beyond the beyond that is beyond all beyondness; if you just take the time to take care of your inner and outer business.

ATTACK YOUR FINANCIAL DEBT:  Financial debt can significantly affect your emotional and spiritual well-being; including your health. You have a choice not to let financial debt influence these other areas. You can use your intellect, feelings and spirituality to uplift your spirit and eventually solve your financial problems. Try to think in terms of making your self mentally more healthy by vigorously attacking and solving your financial problems. Mental and financial help should and could be integrated. Get busy!

REBUILD AND RESTRUCTURE:  Live your life by having a lot of liquidity and relatively little debt. Do you get it? Rebuild and restructure your emotional, mental and financial balance sheets. At the present time, unemployment rates are not as high as in the 1981 recession, which featured months of 10% unemployment. Don't flirt with becoming one of the 10%. One of your greatest virtues is enormous flexibility as compared with Japan's rigid thinking of the 1990s. Get rid of rigid thinking..... not only in your personal but also in your occupational and financial life.

GET SMART, REORGANIZE AND ENGAGE:  You are an American and deep inside of you, you have an American archetype. Tap into it. Other people and other cultures possess psyches that plunge them into long extended Dark Nights of the Soul. Take a look at Somalia. The collective psyche of that country prevents them from coming out of total chaos and anarchy. Murder, rape and piracy are their way of coping with personal and collective disaster. This kind of mentality prevents good intentioned people from exercising their creative problem-solving abilities. Don't let your personal oppression keep you in the dumpster. Get very good at coming out of the denial phase. You can engage in partisan bickering over your situation as if it's a healthy thing. It means that you and yours are willing to openly grapple with your problems. Obviously, there has been a lot of wastefulness in your emotional, relational, occupational and spiritual life. Acknowledge your mistakes and your wastefulness and remember that the risk of inaction can stymie your progress.

BE FLEXIBLE AND EXPLORE YOUR OPTIONS:  When you are rigid in your life and relationships, you cannot see the many options available to you. On a global level, you can see this in the prevalence of rigid political regimes. My ability to integrate psychological issues and geopolitical psychological types has provided my clients the opportunity to explore many personal and financial options, otherwise unavailable to them. Personal exploration leads to insight and an inner world of solution oriented answers.

Let me give you two examples. One is North Korea and the other is Iran. Both regimes reflect national psyches that are extremely rigid in their perceptions of reality. The same can be said of fascist Germany and Stalinist Communism in the 20th century. Your leadership must integrate a very flexible, negotiable, problem solving collective style. This is no time for rigidity of ego. Rigid thinking provokes anger, rage, retaliation, excessive unreal competition and eventually self-destruction. Does any of that ring a bell?

WALK THE WALK FOR CHANGE:  If you want to take a closer look at the problems in the world and in your own personal life, you may want to examine the elements of threat that people pose to one another. What comes out of your mouth? Is it poison or is it a sweet savor of love? Do you talk crap or do you talk love?

What good is it if a man profits the whole world, but loses his soul? Rigidity begets more rigidity. Flexibility begets flexibility. Bend a little and you won't break. Allow insight to flow.


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