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Deep Feeling Therapy and Your Physical Health

Question: I have been having trouble with my health for some time and it has affected my mood. I feel weird and somewhat down. I am not a depressed person, so this has me concerned. What can I do when working on my feelings?

Dr. Paul: Of course, it is necessary to seek all avenues of medical help. That's necessary for taking care of the physical problems. However, you can affect your emotional, spiritual and even your physical state of being with several different therapeutic approaches.

The simplest and easiest method for breaking out of a physical funk is to become familiar with and expert at using the Free Association abreactive, cathartic emotional release method.

This technique became a major psychotherapeutic approach through psychoanalysis. It later advanced on to more fully emotional release categories, where crying and tears would break down the blockages and release pain.

You would lie down on a comfortable surface and if possible have some trusted other sit quietly nearby, just listening and being there.

Center yourself and focus on everything that you are thinking and feeling and express it without censorship through verbal expression. At some point, you should or could break open and feel your breathing increase and the crying reflex kicking in.

Keep expressing and saying everything that is in your mind, your heart and your soul. Don't hold anything back! Keep going as long and as far as you possibly can. You should reach a point of total release, connection, insight and integration.

If you are familiar with the emotional Chakra system, you will experience different parts of your body opening up and releasing information, wisdom, knowledge and ultimate relief. Your sense of self, your power and your feeling of well-being should return.

Question: Can this method also improve my physical condition?

Dr. Paul: By deep cathartic crying, emotional release and therapeutic verbal expression, you are not only improving your emotional state of being, you are also releasing a stress hormone called cortisol.

Your tears will contain this stress hormone and its release effect on your body will be extremely positive. It may not cure your physical problems. But, it will make your life worth living. It will also change the chemistry of your brain and any negative thoughts that you harbor.

Question: My day is very hectic and what do I have to do to remember to take this time out and care for myself?

Dr. Paul: The unconscious mind has a way of informing you that it needs your emotional, spiritual and physical attention. Develop a third eye and a third ear that becomes experienced at tuning into your need to release pain and take care of your emotional being.

Question: Can you give me examples of how this method has helped other people?

Dr. Paul: I can testify as to the great benefits it has given me. On a much broader and wider scope, I can give you the testimony of a woman named Cheryl. After a very successful therapeutic journey through a highly individualized and designed program, Cheryl states that making the decision to pursue Deep Feeling therapy was the greatest and best decision of her entire life. Of course, she has used many other of my deep feeling methods, besides Free Association, to become whole and healthy. She has gone from being a very closed down, repressed and physically restricted woman to being a superstar. Currently, she is entering into what I call Matriarch status...... where she is on the verge of formulating a great personal and family story. It's a new and greater world for Cheryl.

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