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by Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D. MFCC 


"Change Your Unconscious Mind & Change Your World"




I am not to tell you that changing your thinking will change your life. The conscious mind is very important when you wish to make great improvements in your life. But it is not the whole answer.


Harness the power of your unconscious mind to make

great changes in your life.

Every day you are bombarded with words and messages aimed specifically at your conscious mind. Some of them make sense and can even reshape your destiny. But, what if you really wanted to make profound changes in those very important and difficult areas of your life?

Am I going to give you a simple answer? Well ... Yes and No.

Let me re-focus your attention from your conscious thinking to the magnificent and incredible power of your unconscious mind. Wouldn't you like to find a way to tap into and utilize the hidden resources and treasures that are locked into the old limbic brain?

For years, I have been conducting deep feeling therapy sessions with countless numbers of people and the results have been astounding. By using deep feeling methods, people were able to tap in and open up those buried areas of the unconscious mind and release repressed and even hidden memories, insights, wisdom, peak experiences and moods. Changes were absolute and profound. There was also another way to tap into the deep unconscious and I discovered it when I was 12 years old. It's called hypnosis.

Back in those days, hypnosis had a mixed and sometimes negative but unfounded reputation. But, new discoveries have transformed the art and science of the altered states and created a magnificent and effective clinical tool.

It is easy to understand that in a very relaxed and deeply focused state of consciousness, great changes can take place. If you work with a well-trained clinical expert, that person can not only create for you a deeply relaxed state of mind and being, the hypnotherapist can also help you reshape your future and the attitudes that need to be reformulated.


Let's look at the following scenarios to see how thinking can be changed in the unconscious mind, channeling new and better solutions to age old problems.

Question: Okay! You have convinced me. I need to change my attitude to this woman that I have been seeing. She is great physically and sexually. But, I just can't see me hooking up with her, the way that her personality functions. What can I do to change this?

Answer: The problem lies in your desire and wish that she change and become something different than what you already perceive her to be. You do not accept her or love her for the way that you are perceiving her. Hypnosis in an experimental framework, can change your unconscious mind so that you can see her and relate to her in a more positive and appealing way. You have not been able to do this by changing your conscious thinking. If the hypnotherapist were to put you in a deeply relaxed state of mind, he or she can actually change the way that you see and relate to your lady friend. This can occur without you even been conscious of the changes that have taken place in you. Experimental clinical hypnosis can create great benefits from hypnotic amnesia. It creates new habits in action and perception.

Results: The above hypnotic subject agreed to a hypnotic trance and within one week, his relationship that had fallen apart was restored and reached new heights of passion and a much higher state of perception towards his love partner. He now sees her in a completely new light and the magnetism that was missing in the relationship became highly elevated. Most people are conditioned early in life to perceive other people in stereotypic ways. By changing your subconscious mind, you reshape your programming type. This is how my program helps people find the right soulmates and releases them from self-destructive unconscious programmed typing.


Question: How can this approach work to help people get out of job ruts?

Answer: Funny you should ask! In the clinical hypnotic therapeutic experimental framework, a recent client of mine was able to follow my three to 17 day change your life program and found a completely satisfying job and new future. He did this while going from depression and anxiety to a very normal state of consciousness and was able to tap into and grab a new job opportunity. This was all accomplished through the power of the unconscious mind and the application of hypnotherapeutic influence.

Question: Can you give me an example of how someone who uses only conscious techniques can fail?

Answer: Let's examine Oprah Winfrey's struggle with weight loss. She had been at it for decades and the results have been roller coaster. If you watch television news, you will see that she has had the best and most famous trainers and nutritionists working with her. Yet, her weight keeps coming back. I wrote a book for my Ph.D. dissertation over 30 years ago, entitled; "The Psychology of Obesity." I predicted the obesity epidemic back then. I have also been a victim of fat packing. Hypnotic consistency seems to be the strategy that works best with addictions. Distractions that pull people away from the unconscious mind will bring back the pounds.


I am not saying that hypnosis is an easy solution to that particular problem. It takes hard work, diligence and consistency to maintain the unconscious mind's power over certain behaviors. For obesity and other addictive behaviors, persistent and consistent hypnotic training of the unconscious mind could bring about a permanent cure for these disorders. For over 30 years, my work has been dedicated to finding absolute cures. I have helped people harness the power of their unconscious mind to find solutions previously unthought of that bring about permament change. Like a cure for cancer, it takes research, time, hard work, and diligence.


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