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by Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D. MFCC 



"Affirmations: Positive Healing from Within""





Most of you are shouldering more financial stress than every before. An easy, time tested healing tool to calm the mind and reduce stress levels is the use of affirmations. 


Affirmations can strengthen you during the toughest times. Affirmations allow you the ability to heal your mind, spirit and soul by changing how you think and feel. Positive affirmations can be used in business to increase prosperity and hone your goals. On a personal level, affirmations can transform your life and renew your passion and positive outlook.


The following are a list of possible affirmations and self proclamations that you can use beneficially in your everyday life.


Feel free to construct self statements and affirmations that are unique to your own needs and preferences. Be creative and review them as often as needed.


You can fill in the blank spaces with the names of the people that are important to you.

Outflow List

1.  I outflow my love and affection to my dear and beloved_________________

2.  I surround my beautiful_________________________ with an aura of divine love.

3.  I send streams of love and affection to my beloved________________________

Release/Letting Go List

1.  I release________________ to its own highest good and I release myself to my own highest good.

2.  I release the_____________________ people to their own highest good and they released me to my own magnificent highest potential.

3.  I release myself from the world and ascend to the mind of God (use a personal preference).

Affirmation List

1.. I affirm that I am getting younger, more vibrant, healthier, thinner and happier than ever.

2.  I elevate myself to the Holy of Holies.

3.  I open myself to all that is, will be and was.

Career, Business, Work, Occupation List

1.  I can adapt and adopt new ideas and new concepts.

2.  I can be specific and honest with what I see and want.

3.  I can successfully balance and morph the old-school and the tastes of the new wave of younger people.

Healing and Assistance List

1. __________________________ is feeling happy, radiant and joyful today.

2. _________________________ is thinking and feeling clear today. She/he is healthy and positive. I love___________________

3. __________________________- is/are feeling happy, healthy and prosperous today.

These affirmations are from the unpublished works of Paul J. Hannig Ph.D. and are intended for your self growth and healing.

I invite you to send me your own self-created affirmations and lists. If so desired, your identity will remain anonymous.


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Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D. MFCC 



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