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by Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D. MFCC 



"Affirmations: Release and Gain Control"



In my last newsletter the heading read, "These are Tough Times..."

Let's think about that for a minute. I don't know about you, but, it seems that you can make that statement just about any period in history. We are talking about a recession in this country. Yet, there are more food channels and cooking on television than ever before. We are overwhelmed with food, food advertisements, culinary artists and displays of fabulous opulence. Is that a recession? In Zimbabwe and other parts of Africa, people are starving to death and being completely overwhelmed by warfare, genocide, illness and lack of health care. Now! That's a recession!

Maybe it's time to express gratitude for what you and I already have. The following are a group of affirmations that allow you to have and gain control over many areas of your life.

Perhaps, you are having or have had difficulty dealing with a difficult and argumentative relative, person, colleague or some other person in your life. What's the use of carrying on and staying involved in a useless struggle?

I now offer you relief and release from such individuals.

Release/Letting Go List

1. I take great pleasure and relief by releasing____________________ from my life and to his/hers highest good.

2. I take great relief and pleasure in releasing myself from any connections and bonds with_______________________ without any guilt or remorse.

3. I take great pleasure and relief in releasing myself to my own highest good.

4. I now take great pleasure in divorcing ________________ from my existence. I release _____________ to his/hers highest potential and good.

5. I now affirm that I am only allowing people into my life who are committed and dedicated to my happiness, their own and the highest potential possible.

Gratitude List

1. I express and deeply feel ultimate gratitude to ____________________________________ for being in my life, allowing me to love them and receiving love in return.

2. I express and deeply feel ultimate gratitude to____________________________(God, Higher power etc. etc.) for____________________________ (fill-in).

Forgiveness List

The formula for forgiving someone for breaking your heart, betrayal and other sundry transgressions is seven times 70.

1. I forgive________________________ for___________________________ and release him/her to their own highest good.

Remember, you will need to write out as often as possible, the amount of forgiveness affirmations that will ultimately lead to your letting go of whatever pain, hurt and anger that you possess for that person.

One of the greatest challenges facing most people today is how to recover from broken relationships/families and then how to reformulate new blended families. Blended families face enormous problems and challenges.

You can fall in love and want to marry someone and yet you will have to deal with what your relationships will be like with the family members that new partners bring with them from former liaisons.

If you are interested or challenged by this topic, please let me know. There are formulas and strategies for dealing effectively with this relatively uncovered area of human relationships.


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Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D. MFCC 



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