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by Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D. MFCC



Return to the High Spaces!

Did you know that everyone goes through a process of regression?

What is it and how can you recognize it and do something about it?

Regression is an attempt to return to a former life issue, resolve it and bring it up to a higher level.

Every human being throughout the course of life, inadvertently returns to former lower levels of their own lives. You cannot go through your existence without periodically regressing/returning to those points in time where you experienced lower levels of existence.

Examples: You were once an infant, young child, adolescent, young adult, older adult, middle-aged, senior citizen, old-age.

There were significant events and experiences at each one of those periods of your life. They left a very strong primal impression on your subconscious mind. You have been inclined to try to go back to those periods of unfinished business and resolve the issues. Perhaps you wanted to refine an old skill, update an old talent or refurbish relationships to a higher level.

There were experiences in your past that can only be described as the high spaces. They are also significant events and experiences that can only be called your first love. As you have traveled the pathways of life, you have explored and seen many different events. You have participated in experiences that have been both fruitful and unrewarding.

But, there is always that one outstanding space that beckons you to reach for and climb for the stars.

Perhaps, you have questioned many of the activities that you have participated in ... only to find that something deep inside of you is beckoning and calling you to return to the high spaces.

Regression serves as a very strong reminder that certain former spaces are of a lower nature and do not compare to the high spaces in your life experience.

So ... What is the solution?

Breakthrough deep feeling primal experiences clear out the mind and body of the blockages that stand in the way of attaining clarity and movement in your mind and spirit. Deep meditation, creative visualization, guided imagery and many other methods in the hand of a trained and experienced guide, mentor, counselor, therapist can facilitate the resolution to regression.

A Note of Caution: I would be extremely careful that you do not become beguiled by powerful authority figures who possess Messiah complexes. These people have great charisma, claim to possess the only path to salvation and cure. They attract a lot of followers and worshipers who benefit greatly from their well earned skills. They also alienate people and arouse a lot of hostility and negativity due to their claims of exclusivity to cure, transformation and access to the high spaces.

"Sizzling Relationships: "the 401(k) of Love"


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"Coping with the Disorder"

"Coping With The Disorder" is a step-by-step guide on how to deal with and address personality disordered behavior, whether in yourself or others. Based on years of Dr. Hannig's expertise, it is an excellent, to-the-point manuscript filled with knowledge, techniques and powerful strategies. Narcissistic, Borderline, Obsessive Love, Paranoid Personality Disorder and more are covered in this remarkable volume.


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"Deep Feeling Therapy: Healing Emotional Pain"  

Am amazing introduction and guide to Deep Feeling Therapy is now at  Featured on Strange Universe, this video explores the benefits of the deep feeling process and demonstrates, under my guidance, an actual feeling session in my office. It's incredible and powerful video that will answer many of your questions about Deep Feeling Therapy and bring you up close to the process. Click here to see the video ...


"Managing your Anger: Just Don't Dump It ... Work It Out!"

Angry ... frustrated? Don't dump your anger on those around you when you can work it effectively in a therapy session. Watch my colleague, during my guest appearance on the Marilu Henner Show, as she demonstrates the most productive way to work and resolve anger. Click here to see the video ...


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