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by Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D. MFCC



The Reincarnation Phenomenon in Therapy: What is it?

I will not try to explain this phenomenon completely. It is too vast an undertaking. But, I will reveal to you a small fraction of our research in this area. First, let me say there are extensive materials available for anyone who has even the slightest inclination or curiosity about what I call genetic memory.


In my book "Feeling People", I wrote about our therapeutic observations of people who were getting in touch with deep feelings that transcended time and space. These feelings and insights that they produced created great changes and transformed many lives that were locked in unfulfilling patterns.


We compiled considerable data and recognized that there is much more to the human soul and mind than was previously acknowledged. We humans are capable of uncovering memories and experiences that existed outside of the realm of consensus reality. Many of these connections help explain the various trends, tendencies, skills and genetic markers inherent in every human being.


I will not try to convince you that reincarnation is a typical fact. First of all, it is not typical. But, as a scientist and a practitioner, I am required to take notice and acknowledge that there are psychological realities that are outside of the realm of physicality. Psychological facts are not necessarily tangible materialistic objects. But, in many cases they are far more real than what our senses can conceive of in limited physical reality.


I will state my position quickly and unequivocally. I believe that reincarnation is really a scientific result of genetic memory. Therefore, it has a physical basis encoded in our genes, that we are not able to fully map out and understand as of yet. Perhaps, sometime in the future, we will have the technical capacity to capture, see and understand the microscopic imprints of genetic memory.


Given, that my theory is correct, then we can proceed to the understanding that reincarnation, transmigration, soul travel, out of body experiences, transcendent experiences etc. etc. are in fact real events that are beyond normal consensus reality understanding. There are infinite possibilities in your consciousness and you are only limited by the limits you place on yourself and your cognitive capabilities. It is the work of science to explain and catch up with what the ancients, mystics and great minds have discovered within themselves.


Let's Start with a Simple, but not Exclusive Model


God creates your soul and your soul exists before it makes the long cosmic journey to your physical body. All souls are created in the mind of God and are made manifest through his speech, which in turn creates you. These souls, after being manifested in the mind of God, are stored underneath and beneath the presence of God. At a certain time, according to his will, he releases your soul to make the long necessary and somewhat painful journey to the doorstep of your parents. They in turn make the decision that you will enter into your neonatal body.


Kabalistic sources claim that the soul enters the body 40 days after conception. Spiritual sources confirm this by the actual naming of the prenatal embryo. A long discourse is required to describe and discover the many different journeys and pathways through time and space that the soul must traverse as it enters each physical being. The task set before the soul is to discover it's incredible purpose and mission in its present incarnation. All missions are geared to repairing the world and the self. You are the light of the world.


Each of us has a different and specific task. After you have discovered and understood your assignment, you are open to fulfill it. If you do not complete your task you are required to return and try to finish the work. It is possible that your soul does not complete the task and does damage in the world. We have seen a lot of that. Perhaps, your soul has entered the world and your soul has been damaged in your lifetime. One question you may ask yourself is: "Have I made progress in fulfilling my task?" If you do not finish God's assignment, you will get another chance to come back and complete a correction process.


We have all been here before and through the process of deep introspection and exploration, you refine your soul, raise it up and bring it to its final destination: immersion and basking in the Light of God.


If you are disinclined to understand this phenomenon within a religious or spiritual framework, you can dispense with references and imagery filled with ethnic, religious, sectarian images and language. An example would be an incarnation experience of deceased ancestors, famous people, not so famous people, talented individuals, unrelated individuals, groups, time frames and significant situations. Whatever your psychological method or disposition, the reincarnation experience reveals something to you that is meaningful, significant and possibly transformative.


An example: a famous musician, artist, religious leader who may have died prematurely and their sparks (pieces of soul energies) have penetrated the construction of your soul. Some of these incarnations may seem strange and unrelated. But, if you will dig deeper you will find that these past entities have moved into your being and that you are trying to finish their work, through refinement.


An example: You have unfinished business in your personal life, financial dealings, education and religion. Will you have to come back in another body? Probably! You might want to think about what unfinished business you have and how you can move it closer to completion. Is there a goal, project, relationship problem, or health issue that seems to never get resolved?


Conclusion: If you're concerned about your lack of memory of past lives and why you possess your present identity, let me explain something. You are you, a unique and distinct human being. The sparks and incarnations that have been placed inside of you are from the energy sources of different times and people. You are created out of the Amalgamated genetic experiences of these people and they have been passed on to you as repressed memory, waiting to be explored, opened up and integrated.


Post addendum: If you are curious about how to gain access to your genetic memories, I will help you choose from the many different methods and techniques that can open up this extraordinary realm of yourself.

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