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by Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D. MFCC



Everything is Wrong ... What Do I Do?

Joe: "Everything is wrong in my life. My wife hates me, my job sucks and my kids, who knows? What do I do?"

Dr. Paul: This could sound like material for a Rodney Dangerfield comedy monologue. But, I'll keep it serious and move it into what I think is a good topic for profound change...

"Attitude Shifting"

Sounds simple? Not quite. When something or everything seems to go wrong, don't you wish there could be a tremendous shift of consciousness and action? Well, it can be and you can do it with some hard work and effort.

A shift in attitude can open up new horizons and vistas. You will need to decide if a shift in attitude is in your best interest and something you might like to explore and attempt.


"First ..."

Take out a piece of paper and up on the left-hand corner write down some of your goals for this year, and free associate to those goals. Everything that first comes into your mind write it down. You are opening up the unconscious reservoir located in the deep recesses of your mind.

Now, prepare to shift your attitude and feelings so that the tone of the words that come out of your mouth creates and sends a positive vibration that penetrates the energy of the future and sets up new possibilities for you.

You might ask, "How do I do that?" In order to erase your negativity and create positive future possibilities, think of a very powerful verbal phrase that could change your entire life, or at least a small part of it. Words and thoughts generally represent your way of being in the world. Words and thoughts are extremely powerful. They can either create or destroy. They can lift you up or bring your down. Or, worst of all, they can bore you to death.

Write down the very first words that come to your mind, based on this assignment. If they are extremely negative, use your mind to shift those words and your feelings into the direction that is going to create a positive vibration in your life and the quantum soup of the universe. This may sound like forced optimism but, you have already acknowledged your negative thoughts and feelings. Take responsibility for them and decide if you want to create the skills to change your thinking, feelings and ultimately your life. You choose your life! Isn't it time to set yourself on a more positive and creative course?


Try these Attitude Shifting phrases: "I love you. I believe deeply and sincerely in your worth and value. I will be there for you completely and without reservation. I didn't like that at first and I put it down. I am shifting my thinking to a more positive direction and will include that thing into my universe. By so doing, I expand my mind and my vision."


"Open your Mind and Shift your Attitude"


This next piece of information may help you in your quest. Every person has locked within their mind, an ideal self. This ideal self is constructed of thoughts and feelings and archetypes of the way the world, people, situations and your very own self should and could be. It is the ideal inner and outer world. Unconsciously, everybody is trying to create and manipulate the universe, the workplace, other people, children, partners, lovers, spouses, relatives into the ideal universe of the personal mind. This is not a bad thing! But, you can get into trouble trying to shape everyone else and every situation into your unconscious model of the ideal. 


"The Good News"

The good news is that you can create peace within yourself. One of the ways to do that is to seriously consider Attitude Shifting and deep inner transformative work. Attitude Shifting can be effectively learned through my Life Coaching Program. Remember, success is a state of mind and a way of being. Establish goals, eliminate roadblocks, and actualize your potential to achieve what you want with Life Coaching. Dr. Paul at your service!

Meanwhile, I have to go now, I have been called in to help a major organization recover from its negativity and shift into a new culture that more closely resembles the ideal for that organization.


Success story!Learn how one 21-year-old male rescued a multi-million-dollar organization from going bankrupt, just by saving their basketball program. This is a success story based on the hero's journey, where the right attitude, guts, skill and a great plan helped keep a very vital organization from going under.

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Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D.