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Intuitive Exquisite Ecstatic Meditation

How would you like to be able to create ecstatic states of being without relying on drugs or other outside forces?

Oh! You are going to tell me about meditation aren't you?

Yes! I am. But there is one caveat. Meditation like any skill requires practice, repetition, commitment and dedication. It also requires that you have confidence and faith in the outcome.

What does this mean?

It means that if you get it straight in your mind that you are going to learn, master and utilize an intuitive system of meditation, you can arrive at a state of ecstasy. But, don't think that you can arrive there overnight. People vary in their capacity to learn new skills and mastering the state of meditation requires technique. I have found that there are formal techniques that you can use while at the same time using your own intuition to create ecstatic states of meditation.

Remember, meditation is not a technique. It is a state of being that you arrive at, after mastering several techniques. The good news is that there is an infinite, intuitive, unlimited universe of techniques and spaces that you can arrive at once you enter the world of meditation.

You will have many questions about how to go about the practice of meditation and the following are the most common questions that I have encountered:


"How long and how many times a day should I practice meditation?"

My answer is, "It depends on how much time you think you are worth." You can set aside a specific period every day where you diligently decide to enter the ecstatic world of meditation. Your schedule may dictate the amount of time you wish to give to yourself. I suggest that you stay in the state of meditation until you reach that place that you so desire to reach. For me it is a state of Intuitive Exquisite Ecstatic bliss. The space provides deep relaxation, insight, emotional release and a deep inner treasure that includes joy, healing, energy center openings, tension alleviation, peace and what some might call aura cleansing. The possibilities are endless and this is just a short list of the benefits of meditation.

"But, my schedule is so filled with business and activities. How can I ever find time to meditate?"

The world that you just described is the world of the ego. It is outside of your true self, your ecstatic soul. You can only draw so much out of that world. To transition to another world, requires a decision. After you experience the enormous benefits delivered by the ecstatic center of your soul, you will know the difference between the world out there and the world that is entreasured in your soul.

"You are so right. I am so caught up in the world that sometimes I want to tear my hair out. It sounds like you're intuitive meditation system can transform my very being."

Of course? Yes, you have to deal and make your living in the outside world. Sometimes that seems so unreal and crazy. If you want answers to dealing with the third chakra outside world, you will find them deep in your meditation spaces. I'm not suggesting that you forsake the world. I am suggesting an exquisite method for helping you to deal with it more effectively. At the same time, I am offering you a chance to relieve you of the ravages and strains that you have inflicted on yourself and that the world has put upon you.

"You mentioned the third chakra, the world and the ego. How does meditation help in that area?"

I am not going to go into the entire chakra system, the Kabbalah system or any other system at this point. But I can suggest to you that meditation will take you to much higher states of being. It can also release you from many of the traps that envelop your life. I am sure that you would want more joy in your existence. Meditation can also release you from some of the attachments that are driving you crazy. Can you use more laughter and humor in your everyday existence? Would you like to be more lighthearted than heavyhearted? Meditation works wonders.

"Where did you first learn about meditation?"

From many sources. I trained in many different disciplines that expounded consciousness altering methods and approaches. The Arica program was first developed by Oscar Ichazo, a Brazilian metaphysical scientist. His program trained me in the use of various methods and techniques of meditation. Other schools of meditation and altered states of consciousness have also had an important part in my training. My own system is based on the idea that you, the meditator, have a unique system of intuition deeply embedded in your brain and consciousness. By combining the technical aspects of meditation with your intuition, you will create your own brand and system of deep exploration that is suitable and unique to you. Remember, the source of healing, change and transformation is already lodged deep within you.

"So, what are some of the techniques?"

They are too vast to mention here. They include postures, deep relaxation methods, specific breathing techniques, music invocation, sound mentation, free association, focusing, individual, dyadic and group work. You can even include journaling in your meditation as higher order insight breaks through your blockages. You could use phrases, words, Mandalas, objects and anything that takes you to that place of meditation. Remember, meditation is a state of being, not a technique. Intuition is the leader. Follow it!

"Can you give me some examples of where I might arrive through meditation?"

You could enter and pass through the gates of paradise.... relieve stress..... solve problems..... understand great insights..... gain wisdom and knowledge...... heal disorders.... change your life..... fix relationships..... build skills..... enhance hidden talents..... improve your personality..... receive the abundance of the universe....... make better choices....... release the noise (chich/chicheroo) in your head...... release negativity....... attitude change...... you name it! I haven't discovered any limitations. In other words, there is infinite possibilities and you are only limited by you.

"Do I have to go to India in order to learn how to meditate?"

Whether you want to go to India or not is your choice. Baba Ram Das went to India and found a guru. He discovered that he was just a Jewish kid from Boston, named Richard Alpert. He was involved in the original LSD research with other New England psychologists, including Timothy Leary. LSD led him to India and India led him back to himself, a Jewish kid from Boston. The deepest and farthest journey that you can take is in to the unlimited inner universe of yourself. However, I do suggest that a journey, a pilgrimage and a trip or a move to another location can be quite life-changing. Sometimes, a change of scenery and location can be very helpful; especially if you encounter the right teacher, mentor or growth center that will expand your horizons. We are migratory creatures looking for that place in the sun, a paradise, a physical place where we can truly be ourselves. We all started out as Stardust and found our location here on earth. But, that's another story!

"What types and kinds of people benefit from meditation?"

All types and every kind. I have worked with every type of population; from hospitalized mental patients, psychotics, normals, personality disordered, businesspeople, families, couples, organizations, hippies, straights, yuppies, jive talkers, show people, professionals ... you name it! Everyone can benefit from mastering the art and science of meditation.

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