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by Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D. MFCC


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COUPLES SEPARATION: the Great "In Between" Stage

Should we separate or should we try to get back together again!? That is the question. Have you ever been or are you in that great "in between" stage in your significant relationship? So, asking that question, should you separate or should you try to get back together again?

It's a time of great conflict, turmoil, anxiety and depression. Worlds are falling apart. There is anger, hurt and back and forth accusations about who is right and who was wrong, who is the innocent victim and who is the guilty party.

The bond of love has been broken. Should the separation be completed or should reconciliation be attempted and possibly accomplished? These are huge questions and dilemmas.


My job as a therapist is to recognize and assess both the separation anxieties and the coming back together fears and trust issues.

Healing goes both ways..... separating or coming back together again. Look up the word, "Together." Break it down into parts.... To.... Get.... Her. They can mean several things; either to get back together or to seek revenge and retaliation.

"To..... Get.... Her." Same words, different meanings and actions. What are the motives, intentions and hidden agendas of warring couples who once fell madly in love with one another and now are on the brink of dissolution?

The great in between stage is something that I, as a therapist/counselor/coach, have to constantly monitor the sliding back and forward of dismayed and warring couples. Do these once great lovers need to be completely separated or reunited for the well-being of each other and their offspring? The dance of separation and dissolution is usually mixed with the desire to come back together and seek a new bond of reconciliation, forgiveness, trust and love.

Is it possible? The answer goes both ways. Separation and divorce may be the only answer for each person's personal evolution and growth. Reconciliation and coming back together again and falling deeply in love again is possible with the help of a Dr. Paul. I have seen it go successfully both ways. Through intensive therapy, many couples have been able to unhinge themselves from the buried pains and patterns that led them to emotional and physical divorce; only to come back together to enjoy a whole new marriage and family.

Is it possible? Yes! But, it's not easy to get two warring factions clear of their own stuff and capable of reconnecting at a more real level. When it doesn't work, separation and divorce is the only plausible and reasonable alternative. When it does work, it's true art. Then again, separation and divorce can be like the creation of a new empire, a new life, a new self and a new family. Staying married in a bad relationship can be like a death sentence. A bad divorce can be also like a death sentence. But, all is not bad news. There is a cure. Dr. Paul has the cure. It's like a reconstruction of a life, a mind, a spirit. It's art and science combined together to deliver that age-old quest for soulmate union or single life contentment.

So what's the problem? The problem is when you get two warring partners together in order to reach a reasonable solution to their problems; guess what they do. They fight and argue in therapy and each is looking at me to align myself and support the one who sees themself as the injured party. If I don't fall for this manipulation, I would see right away that arguing is what they have opted to use as an ineffective strategy. It is the glue of warfare that welds them together into a life of struggle.

So what's the answer? There is a lot of work to be done and skills to be learned and introduced. But, the first step is to get each partner to agree "

Not to Argue." If that's not possible, get at least one partner to agree to "Not Argue."

Let me present this possibility to you. If you could commit yourself to daily refrain from arguing with your significant love other, what effect would that have on your love life?

I am sure that your answer would be extremely positive. But let me offer one warning. The urge and the instinct to argue is extremely strong, tempting and seductive. You will need to constantly remember and reinforce your commitment to relinquishing the ineffective tool of arguing from your most profound love relationships. Not easy to do ... but possible! Commit a trial period of time where you consciously eliminate the will and desire to argue from your life and your repertoire. At the end of the trial period, assess your progress and then add a week or two to your commitment to release argumentativeness from your life. As I have said, it is not easy to do; especially if you have the internal tendency to have silent arguments in your own imagination with figures from your past.

You will need to ask yourself if you have a "Combative Personality." I know that this Combative Personality is not part of the psychiatric diagnostic manual DSM-IV. But, if you treat yourself as if you have combative tendencies, you will be in a better position to monitor this inclination when it interferes with your happiness and your partner's.

You may try this mantra to see if it helps; "Lead us not into temptation and deliver us from our own evil." You have a choice. You can choose to argue or you can choose peace (shalom). When two people in a supposedly loving relationship, choose peace it creates a garden of Eden paradise where bliss, pleasure, ecstasy and joy abounds.

Dr. Paul

PS: Place this manifesto on your refrigerator or some other conspicuous place, in order to remind you that peace leads to love and arguing leads to the graveyard.

PPS: Choose today to create greatness in your life.

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