Published by Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D.


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Consider whatever you are going through, at this moment, as part of your rites of passage to the next stage of your evolution and development. There is nothing new under the sun and whatever you are going through, your fellow humans have also gone through.

Some of you are being initiated into old age, middle-age, young adulthood, adolescence and childhood. (Don't forget the rites of passage involved with illness and death). Each six to 10 year period brings with it a new set of rites of passage. These passages involve an initiation through formal and informal rituals that signal the next step in your evolution. Some people are facing the rites of passage that involve the experience and rituals of death. We all will be faced with that reality. Consider what the rite of passage of death means to you.

Some of you are experiencing the initiation into young adulthood (your 20's) with the challenges of education, individuation and separation from adolescence and family; sexuality, peer group bonding and deep exploration of the secular world. Many things are not permanent here. This is a preparatory and rehearsal stage for more real and permanent things later on. Build a strong foundation of fun and enjoyment, while at the same time developing a finer capacity for insight and judgment.

Those of you who were entering into your 30's, are faced with the challenges and initiations into forms of life that require deeper intimacy with the self, more real relationships, deeper feeling, the challenges of handling pain and failure, plus many other issues. Are you feeling over the Hill?

Welcome to your 40's! A middle-age crisis is that point in time when your body starts its possible struggle with aging. It is also a time of great change and assessment of your past choices and successes. You have reached the top of the mountain. Where do you go from here? You have achieved great things. So, what's next? What new conquests and challenges await you? Remember, being at the top of a mountain, also has the possibility of sliding down into an avalanche.

Your 50's! You're basking in your successes and wondering if you can maintain and sustain them. Wisdom is either present with you or it has avoided you altogether. As usual, your past world has undergone direct confrontation with the changes in life and the social world. Can you be flexible enough to step up to the plate and go with the changes? You have strong likes and dislikes and you are much clearer about your boundaries. But, they may not be as solid as you would like. Rigidity and flexibility are two issues that you have to deal with.

To be continued...


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Dr. Paul