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Refusing To Go Negative



Reality vs. Lala Land ...

Every human being is subject to attack, negative words and situations coming at him or her. If you are fortunate enough to live in Lala land, you have totally insulated yourself from recognizing the existence of evil negative influences. Either you grew up in Los Angeles culture or your middle-class family has successfully protected and insulated you against brutality and cruelty coming from other human beings.

If you didn't grow up in Lala land, then you will need to strengthen your capacity for withstanding the slings and arrows of negative people. Everybody has the capacity of sliding out of a positive space and being pulled down into darkness. Some people stay in that dark, for a good part of their lives. But, if you have worked diligently and successful on yourself, you will be capable of recovering from the barbs and insults of others.

To do this, you can refuse to going negative. This may require a philosophy of trying to look for your bright, up, positive, silver lining side to every attack and negative statement made by others. Negative people are bountiful and sooner or later they will line you up into their sites and unload their negativity onto you.

The antidote is to remember to let love rule your consciousness. Choose the light! Don't let the brutal dark force invade your mind and find a permanent dwelling space therein. Remember, there is always a brighter tomorrow and the slings and arrows that sting you today, will be healed by a bright new tomorrow. Choose to be cheerful, bright and filled with light. Allow darkness and attack to reside with you for only a short period of time. Vow to cast off other people's negativity and let your bright side come through and dominate your consciousness.

One strategy is to not allow the temptation or the slightest hint of attack or negativity to enter your mind field. You don't have to listen to it. Unless you want to get upset.

Coping with the Disorder


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Yes ... free from unconscious destructive behavior.

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