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BEYOND HEAVEN: Transcendent Feeling Therapy


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Deep Feeling Therapy took people deep and, when conducted successfully, produced peak experiences. But, there is a realm of experience that is beyond the biographical data of one's life. Over, above and beyond the mommy and daddy stuff there is a powerful transcendent feeling realm. This newsletter will explore this healing phenomena ...

In The Beginning ...


The Transcendent Feeling realm allows a prepared person to move beyond the necessary third chakra, consensus reality power energy systems. It proceeds from a level of consciousness that begins with the fourth chakra or heart system. The opening to this realm takes a person beyond the ego and the confines of a sensory world. Deep feeling therapy helps a person to unravel the unreal self and bring into prominence the authentic self. Transcendent feeling therapy begins the long journey beyond the personal self and the restrictions of a secular, worldly ego.


(These approaches integrate many different transformative transcendent models as well as the hidden model that is located in the unconscious recesses of the individual's mind.) Eclecticism is the key!

Deep feeling therapy not only produces a life of feeling good, it also produces peak experiences. Transcendent feeling therapy goes beyond into the realm of ecstasy, bliss and transcendent entrance into unification with divine consciousness. Its goal is oneness with the one. The fourth chakra opens a person to cosmic consciousness. Eventually, Transcendent Feeling Therapy takes a person beyond known consensus reality, into the beyond that is beyond the beyond. It has no limitations and overcomes a limited mind and a self-contained ego. Transcendent Feeling Therapy passes beyond the realm of logic and words and moves into the indescribable cosmic source of all being.

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Winners, Superstars and Champions!


"Winners, Superstars and Champions!" is an excellent CD program about surviving, thriving, and growing in today's world. Inspiring, spiritual and motivational, Dr. Hannig's teaching and meditations will propel you to the next emotional and professional skill levels.


Explore right vs. wrong thinking, negative vs. positive mentality, learn how to ignite your magnetism and core strength and much more. Focused and introspective, this program contains three incredible tracks that are the preparatory steps to becoming more successful ... inside and out. All the work has been done for you. Just sit back, listen, and experience a whole new perspective. Then -- watch your life change!


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Resources, Resources, and MORE Resources ... provides NEW perspectives on many of the major personality disorders, such as Borderline Personality, Narcissistic Personality, and Obsessive Love Disorder, plus information on how to build and maintain a successful relationship, cope with a difficult significant other, and much more.

Utlizing vast resources of knowledge, research and proven therapy methods, PsychotherapyHELP is dedicated to teaching you how to live an optimum and joyous life ... free from buried pain and unconscious destructive behavior.


Yes ... free from unconscious destructive behavior.

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