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Profile of a Mass Murderer:
Prevention is the Cure 


The early signs were there in Seung-Hui Cho's life: withdrawal, disassociation, hate and growing rage. Why are we not profiling those individuals that show signs of mental illness and take action before they grow more withdrawn, violent and destructive? With early detection and diligent follow up, we can prevent future senseless loss of lives ...


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 Deep Feeling Therapy


All disorders have at their roots, some aspect of painful distortion of early reality and suppression of feeling. Deep Feeling Therapy allows individuals who are not completely closed down to release enough feeling to create change within a relatively short period of time.
Deep Feeling Therapy goes beyond the traditional "talk" therapy. By recognizing and working through one's verbal defenses and outmoded coping strategies, the client learns how to release and reclaim the buried feelings that were repressed by unmet need. In Deep feeing Therapy, Cognitive therapy is integrated. Together, they allow for deeper emotional release and cognitive reconstruction. By systematically releasing repressed, buried feelings will dysfunction lift, allowing true understanding and healing to take place. Full feeling expression becomes the integrative force behind the birth of the "real" self, thus ensuring a life of renewed productivity and meaningful, fulfilling contact with self and others. Cognitive therapy has been adapted to benefit a broad spectrum of people.


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 Telephone Therapy

No more traveling for a therapy appointment! With Telephone Therapy, you can feel more comfortable and relaxed working through your emotional issues in the privacy of your home or office. Telephone Therapy makes available the expertise of Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D. regardless of where you live. Your session begins when you call in. Telephone therapy is right there when you need it, at the time that is scheduled. Telephone Therapy simplifies the therapy experience ... just when you need it the most. One phone call is all it takes to get started...

Deep Feeling Therapy can be done within the context of Telephone Therapy. For more information on Telephone Therapy, click here ...



Article Excerpt of the Week:


"Healthy selves contribute to each otherís well-being and provide a marriage setting that epitomizes personal growth and peak, ecstatic, unlimited feelings of happiness and bliss. Unbounded selves, weakly constructed, will fragment and disintegrate under the intense pressure for growth that marriage pushes for. A weakly bounded self locked into a marital situation will have to disintegrate and withdraw in order to return to single life and do the necessary emotional and spiritual work that strengthens the ego for the demands and responsibilities incurred in intimate relationships, such as marriage."


Excerpt from "Married People - Unmarried Minds". Click to read the rest of the article...


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