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"Do You Really Know?"


Do you really know your Self at the deepest levels?

Do you really know your mate ... your partner ... your spouse?

To know or not to know is the question. In the biblical sense, Adam knew his wife; and she conceived (Genesis 4:1). Man and woman knowing each other sexually is only one aspect of true "Knowing." Sexual knowing is necessary for procreation and in a great relationship it is essential for establishing the pleasure bond and the deep intimacy required for "True Knowledge" of the other and the self.

But, "Knowing" is much more than just the pleasure bond of sexuality, affection and closeness. There is the deep knowing of the true and real person in your partnership. So, what am I recommending?

I recommend that you study yourself at the deepest levels. I also recommend that you study your partner or your future partner at the deepest levels. Do this and you will marvel at the great adventure of truly knowing your self and your possible soulmate.

It takes a lot of time and effort to study oneself and the depth of the significant other. Sometimes, that study may lead you or your partner to discover that knowing certain parts of the self are not very rewarding. Such discoveries can lead to the dark side of the self and then a struggle may ensue. The outcome can be quite disastrous. But, the good news is: that out of every situation there always comes a new beginning ... a new opportunity to reach for happiness and the heights of existence.

A word of warning: Make sure that your "Knowledge/Knowing" of your self and your would be partner is not based on unreal or false perception. Your creation of yourself and your partner is formulated in your mind. If your mind is not clear and in tune to higher cosmic realities, you will "manufacture" a conception of yourself and your partner that is false. It is quite common for relationships and marriages to break up, when one partner feels that the other partner didn't really know the true self of both participants.



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