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"The Real You and the Unreal Self"


If you have ever noticed babies crying in the crib, you will probably see that they are either lying on their stomach or on their back. This deep whole body crying is fully expressed in the lying down position. The baby is in the full primal state, expressing its feelings and needs. It is using the only language that it knows; the primordial, deep feeling, full body, uninhibited scream.


At this stage, the baby is totally real. However, over time, the baby learns that there is a social world outside of its primal/primordial real self. As the child grows, it learns to sit up and eventually walk. Language is acquired by the age of two. The child has been in the formative stages of developing a social self. If It's real needs have not been fully met, the child begins to split off and construct an unreal self manifested by a social fašade.


If real needs have not been lovingly responded to in a consistent way, the child opts to develop strategies for getting needs met symbolically. The seeds of dysfunction and disorder have been sown and extreme repression becomes part of the personality.

At some later point in life, the adult may become acutely aware that he/she has been cut off and out of touch with deep feelings. The split has completely formed and the real self gets buried underneath a false front.


So, what is the answer? It is a return to the original position of one's infancy by lying down and allowing those repressed, unexpressed feelings and needs to be fully exploded out in a therapeutic primordial deep feeling experience. Once the technique of lying down is established, one can only be real. This occurs, especially if one uses music to gain access to the deeper feelings. Giving permission to the self to fully feel is a crucial step towards unlocking the mental and physical blockages/defenses that hold the real self in the deepest parts of consciousness and the body.


This lying down position in the context of fully expressing the deepest real self, eliminates all of the physical and mental defenses that keep one from the deepest and truest real self. The way to total transcendence is inward, outward and upward. The peak experience of full insight and integration clears the mind, spirit and body of the repressed feelings that were not allow full expression and integration in earlier life.


The other part of the equation is that if one becomes a superstar or an expert at expediting the deep feeling experience, the entire realm of absolute reality and universal knowledge and insight becomes available. Clarity, wisdom, insight and the utter joy of paradise/heaven becomes a reality here on earth. Who wouldn't want that?


So, it is not asking too much for people to come out of their usual sitting up positions and reliance on words..... to lie down, put on the music, open up the self and delve into the magical, magnificent, marvelous, unlimited universe of the self. Divinity resides there and it only requires the movement beyond the ordinary limits of ego time and space.


Question: Can this be done over the telephone?


Answer: Absolutely! As long as the individual can provide the safe uninhibited sound secured sanctuary, plus music, desire and willingness for getting down on the floor, in the lying position and allowing the deep feelings to emerge and be fully expressed. An inhibited personality will have an inhibited environment, where deep feelings are not allowed to be expressed. That would just be another recapitulation of one's past blockages to full feeling and need responsiveness.


Conclusion: Get the music, drop the inhibitions, provide the physical sanctuary space, open the body, and let the good times roll. You will experience the most effective transformation in the universe.



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