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Music has been a fundamental part of my healing psychotherapy for over 40 years. Now, music therapy is reaching into the community as a resource for personal growth, transformation, enjoyment, fun and spiritual enhancement. In this newsletter, I will address the healing phenomena of "Community Recreational Music Making" and explore the journey to emotional wholeness.

New Service Announcement:  Community Recreational Music Making

Music is an integral part of living in the universe. Now, playing music for personal growth, healing and skill building is available to everyone through Community Recreational Music Making. It does not require training nor any specific talent and is available to all. Community Recreational Music Making can be used for healing, meditation, contemplation, prayer, skill building, celebration, transformation and transcendence.

I have long used music as a tool to unlock the deep emotional feelings that people have stored unconsciously throughout their lifetimes. Every musical resource is utilized in this procedure to assist people to live greater lives and reach their full potential.

Future newsletters will contain information on events and resources to assist anyone wishing to reach full self realization and transcendence utilizing music. Community Recreational Music Making will thus integrate another aspect of healing into my arsenal of techniques and resources that have and will profoundly change lives.

From Emotional Pain To Whole Again

At some point in a relationship there comes the realization that something has gone terribly wrong. Signals have been sent and received that someone is not happy and needs are not being met. Violations of long held relationship expectations and rules have occurred and what was once loving and close becomes a relationship of distrust, defensivness, desperation, anger and pain.


It is ironic to state that in the very pain caused by a breakup, come the seeds for recovery and redemption. Why is pain such a two edged sword? Suffering in hurt, disappointment, rage and betrayal is agonizing. But in the pain lies the secret of salvation. Going into, fully feeling and expelling the pain of separation/divorce through Deep Feeling Therapy is a scientifically and patient tested method for recovery. Listen carefully to that apparent paradox. How can someone who is already in pain, be asked to go deeper into it in order to expel it? That's the secret to the method of deep feeling. By going deep into it with the help of deep release methods, the person expels the pain, relieves the suffering and unleashes the recovery/healing powers of the subconscious mind.

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Sizzling Relationships: The 401(k) of Love

"Sizzling Relationships: The 401(k) of Love" is the definitive manual that takes the guesswork out of building and maintaining a sizzling relationship by providing very powerful and specific guidelines for its achievement. When was the last time you researched how to relate to your significant other, boss, child, or friend in a more productive, constructive way? That's why "Sizzling Relationships" was developed ... to teach you how to increase your capacity for intimacy, learn the basic tenets of a proactive and loving relationship, plus how to maintain/increase the "sizzle" in the one you already have. Take the plunge ... invest in yourself. Get the best time tested tools, techniques and knowledge to create the changes you want and maximize the return on your emotional investment. It's the best there is on the subject.

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