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"Marriages Made in Heaven"


Dr. Paul J. Hannig is an expert in creating and understanding the "Paradisical" marriage relationship. He and his wife Reisa have realized the extraordinary goal of achieving a "Heavenly" marriage. What type of marriage do you have?

Approximately 1% of all marriages are heavenly or "made in heaven." That leaves 99% of most marriages something less than paradisical. David Olson Ph.D. claims that 40% of couples live in a Type 1 marriage -- a devitalized relationship. That suggests that these partners have seriously considered divorce due to a pervasive unhappiness with all relationship dimensions, accompanied by considerable instability. Basically, they are extremely critical of and reactive to each other's personality. They stay together for lack of choices.

Type 2 constitues 11% of couples. They are financially focused, dissatisfied with certain characteristics of their partner and they may engage in bitter attacks. Financial rewards hold them together. That is there one single strength. Dr. Hannig has counseled these Type 2 financially focused couples and noticed extreme deficits in their communication and lack of empathy for one another's deepest feelings and concerns. They tend to hold the other partner responsible for the problems in the relationship and do not recognize the dual contributions to instability.

Type 3 constitute 14% of all couples and are basically dissatisfied with many facets of their relationship. These include personality issues, communication problems, weaknesses in conflict resolution and sexual unfulfillment. Dr. Hannig teaches these couples how to communicate honestly, become experts at problem resolution, and achieve sexual fulfillment of the heavenly type.

Type 4 marriages are traditional and constitute 10% of the population. These people are moderately satisfied with some aspects of their relationship. However, they are usually dissatisfied with their sexuality and intimate contact, as well as their communication systems. Conversational skills lack effective strategies. They usually have good relationships with extended family and friends and they do not engage in critical personality attacks.

Type 5 marriages constitute about 8% of the population and are fairly balanced. The participants show real strengths in communication and problem-solving. Their biggest problem is usually financial management. They tend to place a high value on the family. Dr. Hannig is very effective in helping these couples attain a deeper and richer emotional life. These people are usually stable enough to handle deep exploration and expression of the real self. They are possible candidates for reaching the heavenly union state. They are capable of clearing out old unresolved, repressed emotional pain.

Type 6 marriages constitute 8 percent of the population and are quite harmonious. These people are are very satisfied with one another, express affection openly and their sexual life is usually satisfying. They can be quite self-centered and somewhat narcissistic and unable to be paradisical or heavenly parents to their children. Dr. Hannig can help these people become great men and women, who can create offspring with the potential for greatness.

Type 7 marriages constitute about 8% of the population and the participants get along extremely well in every aspect of their relationship. These people are very well integrated spiritually and emotionally and they get along at a sensational level. They are internally very strong and extremely flexible when it comes to problem-solving and finding agreement in most external areas. They meet the challenges of life very well and are fantastic problem solvers. Their relationship is alive and dynamic.

Then there is the heavenly paradisical union - Type 8. These individuals constitute less than 1% of the population and for all intents and purposes, their relationship is ecstatic, blissful and at times capable of creating a personal paradise in their union. They have truly returned to the garden and they understand the true emotional and spiritual dimensions of a heavenly existence in their union. Their communication is beyond excellent. Their sexuality is magnificent and ever fresh and constantly being renewed. As they age, they fall more and more in love with one another and are thrilled with the new discoveries that they make in the essence of each other. They tend to adore, idolize, worship and respect the true personhood of the partner. The relationship and its integrity is of the ultimate importance and they are dedicated to knowing and fulfilling one another's most important and crucial needs. They are superlative communicators and extremely empathic listeners. Their emotional, social and intimacy skills are at the genius level. As parents, they are beyond the biblical/spiritual ideal. Their children achieve greatness.

What type of marriage are you?



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