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The preceding statement comes as a mantra chant from a person who has suffered deeply from childhood family traumas. A lifetime of depression and suicidal thoughts, combined with psycho-physiological problems was overcome by a full week of daily intensive sessions of screaming.


The civilized ego certainly puts up all kinds of blockages and defenses against this primordial urge to expel the blackness of repressed pain. How can one person overcome five decades of black moods, negative self-images and failed relationships just by daily sessions of screaming out the pain?


Ours is not to reason why, but to fully accept the monumental successful changes that occurred just by screaming out the pain and then being able to move into the more celebratory, joyful aspects of life.


Deeper than the wounds inflicted by mommy and daddy and other childhood influences, there is an unlimited infinite universe of cosmic spiritual realities. When this realm is uncovered from the dispersion of repression, a whole new unbounded reality unfolds. But, the challenge of doing the essential work needs to be taken up. The gauntlet has been thrown down and will you take up the challenge of moving to the deepest realms of your creation?


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Dr. Paul