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Celebration of Life, Love, Joy & Beauty:

Creative Sexuality


In the quest to create more love, joy, passion and beauty in the world, I want to suggest a method for creating a sexual paradise with an appropriate partner, in a very ethical way.


Brenda is a very creative person. She is an artist, musician with enormous creative possibilities. Her complaint to me was that she was not experiencing the sexual passion, joy and beauty that she felt should be part of her marriage. Since my mission in this world is to facilitate a celebration of life, love, joy and beauty, I instructed her to create extremely concrete goals. One of them was to experience extreme pleasure, joy, love and beauty in her sexual experieience with her husband. If this goal was to be accomplished, it would be a cause for great celebration and an elevation of her marriage to a cosmic level.


After extensive assessment and evaluation of her situation, I took her through many of the troubling aspects of her deep emotional life. Since Brenda and I have a mutual eclectic viewpoint towards creative problem solving, I used many different approaches to help her reach her goal.


But the one that stands out as being very helpful is the use of the creative solution called "Creative Visualization", accompanied by "Creative Affirmative" statements. To make a long story short, let me briefly describe this approach to you and see how you implement it.


Visualize something in your future that you would like to see happen. Vividly describe in detail the exact elements and emotions in that situation, that you would like to realize. Now, compare your visualization of your present circumstance and the feelings that accompany your situation. Notice the difference!


As you project your self into the future, give yourself the appropriate, powerful self statements and affirmations that instruct your subconscious mind to accept the fulfillment of your future goal. Some people call this self suggestion in a waking state. Other people call it waking hypnosis. No matter what you call it, it is creative visualization fotified by powerful emotional self statements and affirmations.


For Brenda, this meant the actualization of having powerful sexual experiences with her husband, whereby she experienced extreme pleasure and passion. With committed practice to this discipline, Brenda could open the door to the celebration of life, love, joy and beauty.


When Brenda begins to fully accomplish her personal life, love, joy and beauty goals, I will recommend that she acquire my Laser Stars to create magnificent, meditation/feeling spaces and romantic paradise.


If it is your desire to upgrade and boost your creativity, stay tuned for more tools in my reservoir of creative strategies.

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