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Celebration of Life, Love, Joy & Beauty: Revisited


My seven-year-old grandson, Lucas, asked a very profound question, "Why am I here?"

Right away, everybody rushed in with answers. I felt that the answer was deep inside of him.  In order to help him gain some aspect of introspection, I suggested that he concentrate on a very special DVD program, designed specifically with visuals to unlock the unconscious and clear the mind for answers.

This cosmically designed, extremely beautiful video was something he could focus on since, at his age, he was used to focusing his attention on age related heroic, space oriented TV programming (Star Wars). I then suggested a very sophisticated therapeutic method called free association. I instructed him to say anything that came to his mind as he riveted his attention on this cosmic meditative video.

He was able to produce several associations, all of which suggested his internal development of powerful universal symbols and archetypes.  But the question of, "Why am I here?"... was still burning on his mind and arousing other family members.

I suggested that, in my opinion, the reason that he is here, is to bring love, joy, beauty, life and celebration into the world. I told him to look around at the faces of the people who deeply loved him, found great joy and beauty in his existence, and celebrated the fact that he was alive and in our lives.

Lucas Hannig is just like every one of us. He is here so that we can love him, find joy in relating to him, while appreciating his beauty and celebrating his existence. We all need something to celebrate, people to love, including ourselves and the ability to express and extract joy and beauty out of life. This is our sacred purpose and mission in this world.

When this aspect of celebration, life, joy and beauty becomes thwarted, we experience failure and the possibility of descending into despair and despondency. For some of us, this is seen as emptiness, the dark side and a void.

The good news is that there is always a way out of this place and the possibility of entering into the paradise celebration, life, love, joy and beauty.

The first ingredient for clearing the mind so that one can enter into the paradise of existence, is the aspect of concentration and focus. The entrainment of the eye and mind on the cosmically designed DVD provides the focus required for free association to take place. Once you start talking out loud, focusing your attention on the proper therapeutic tool, your mind starts to empty out of all its discordant notes, voices and messages. The second stage of the clearing process is catharsis or abreaction, as it is known in certain healing circles (tears may be involved). Relief is at hand! ... so is insight, understanding, wisdom, knowledge and clarity.

If the free association and catharsis is not enough, one needs to hit the floor and let all emotions stream out in complete release. This not only clears the mind, it clears the face, throat, lungs and the entire body of the toxic effects of being separated from your celebration of life love, joy and beauty. If you have completed this process, not only have you gained integration and reconnectedness, you have achieved the paradise of love, life, celebration, joy and beauty.

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