The New Year has arrived and is in full swing! With the beginning of any new cycle, plans are made to expedite success ... whether it's finances, work, relationships, family, spiritual connection, or "self" improvement. To that end, I've created a 7-point plan below to help you achieve success in any endeavor. Use it or lose it (as the old saying goes) ... and good luck in your journey to the top.





1. DEVELOP ADVOCATES: Look for those people who are most likely to support and understand your motives, projects, endeavors and goals. Teamwork, without internal adversaries, is a standard requirement for success in all human relationships.


2. MARKET YOUR MAGIC: Everyone, including you, has magnificent ideas, brilliant strategies, workable plans, goals and unique gifts. You will need to learn how to get the Magic of You, out there so that other people can respond positively to your charisma and special personality traits.


3. POLISH YOUR MANNER: Your delivery, style and manner of presenting yourself will determine how you are perceived and received in the world. Make sure that you work on your social, emotional skills. Try to be warm, nondefensive, empathic, charming, personable, pleasant, honest and giving. Nobody likes a grouch, constant complainer or any of the various types of alienating, negativistic people who make our lives miserable. If they don't meet your needs and you don't meet their needs, take the offending behavior out of your life; especially if it's yours.


4. CONCENTRATE ON YOUR GROWTH: Personal growth in all areas will definitely make you a better person and others will benefit from what you have to impart from your expanded self. Gather your tools, props, mentors and vigorously pursue your own personal emotional, physical, spiritual, mental and entrepreneurial health. Nobody likes a deadhead! Become rich internally!


5. INCREASE YOUR INVOLVEMENT: You can't share what has been given to you, if you play the shrinking violet or social hermit. Find ways to overcome your resistances, challenges and blockages to getting involved in all aspects of life. It's not over until you say it's over. Keeping your gifts to yourself deprives the world of your extremely valuable contributions. You ain't dead, yet, baby! Someday, you will be. What will live on after you have gone?


6. CREATE COMMENTARY: If you put yourself out there, people will respond and dialogue will develop. You are a creature endowed with speech. What comes out of your mouth, creates dialogue. Only you can determine the nature of that dialogue. I welcome you to verbally respond to this newsletter and the commentary could make everyone benefit. You may not know it, but, love can be expressed in everything that you do.


7. DEFINE YOUR OWN POTENTIAL: There is a vast reservoir of potential inside of you. Are you developing it? If not, your self-destructive urges and behavior will keep you from realizing your full potential. As a mentor, who has been mentored, I am amazed as I look around me and see so many wonderful people realizing, exploring and expanding unlimited potentials. There are infinite possibilities and you are only limited by your limited thinking. Dream big and work towards your goals. Everything emanates from that Energy Center called the sefirot of wisdom, knowledge, understanding and insight. I just love it when that part of my mind/soul opens up and allows the gifts of God to come through. Maybe it's time to say, "Thank you."



THE PAUL HANNIG MENTORING PROGRAM: A mentor is someone who sees and appreciates your potential and helps you to develop it. Under my guidance, I will let you know when you are getting in the way of your own self-realization. As your mentor, I will support and reinforce your unique path and help you overcome obstacles and blockages. For more information about my mentoring program, please contact me at phannigphd@socal.rr.com.



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Warmest Regards,

Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D. MFCC



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